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Not sure where to post this but...

I'm wanting to join an online reading program for my 6 and 4 year old. My 6 year old is struggling with aspects of reading and I am not satisfied with the help from her school.

Can anyone recommend a good online reading program that would support school work?
I have looked at Reading Eggs and it seems good but has anyone got any real testimonials whether they liked it or not?
My DD1 did reading eggs through her school. She really enjoyed it coz it was computer games. But I can't say if she got anything out if it coz she reads well anyway. She is 5 and did it with her new entrant class. Another mum said it was really good for her son who is special needs coz it held his attention and he to complete stages.
Thanks MamaMum. Her class does not send home details of any online programs that they are affiliated with but I must check! I guess it would be worth trying it out for 6 months and seeing if there is any improvement.
My dd did reading eggs through school too. They did it til year 3 I think. They were all given the code and able to work on it at home as well as at school. Dd loved it and would spend hours on there! I def think it's worth the money. smile

Dds school also does mathletics which is obviously an online maths site which I also like. She's year 5 now and mathletics still forms part of her homework every night!. Don't know of any other online reading ones tho sorry. But both reading eggs and mathletics have my tick of approval. smile
ABC reading eggs at the moment have a 5week trial thing- I am not fully sure on the details, but go to their homepage and I think it has some info there.
We use/d the program with my dd. She enjoys it, it keeps her quiet and she learns at the same time wink Its great because it 'tests' them and puts them at the right level and then they can progress at their own rate.
I know our school does not sign them up to anything apart from mathletics (which is another great program)
Thanks ladies. I know our school does Mathletics and we are in the process of getting access. By the sounds of it both this and reading eggs are the most popular and must be good!

Thank you for you help smile
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