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hello, I was just wondering what all you mummys do when your little one is still at home? apart from cleaning, shopping and general house stuff what else do you do?
Im back at work 2 days a week now but when I was off full time we did gymbaroo, went to baby book club at the library, met up with a mothers group, took bub to the park and for walks, caught up with friends and family and tried out a couple of playgroups

How do you find your local playgroups?
My friend runs the local one but if you Google playgroup and your area u should be able to find something. Our local community centre runs a 5 week program for new mum so wewent to that n we still meet over a yr later.

Thank u so much:)
I have three little ones under five and every hour is so busy. I let them have hours of unstructured play outside in our garden and house yard and subsequently they have developed great imaginations. We also read, they help me cook, we all play together, go for walks, feed the pets, mow the lawn, do gardening- the activities are endless and I find such joy in them all and watching the children interact together. Sure they fight but they also show kindness, teach the others, encourage ideas- it's a privilege to be part of this as their mum. I am so glad not to be working again (and I came from a high powered academic profession) . I really enjoy the freedom of just being with my children and being a mum and wife. At times yes it can be lonely, but the focus has changed now: work gave me constant 'rewards' and 'highs', now I have had to adjust my thinking to realise the rewards will be reaped over years and into the future as I build the minds of these little people. I should do more housework but I do just the basics to keep things in order, I'd rather play with the children, but I LOVE cooking and dinner is always the supreme meal of the day. Keeping on top of the washing is also huge with three children who often get covered in mud.
Hi jes13x!
When my DS was little and I had to stay at home, I still needed to earn a few quid, being a single mum, to support him and my DD. I found an online job that I could do at home, and that was good. It gave me something to do during the lull between feedings, nappy changes, cleaning and general house stuff as you mentioned. It also earnt me enough to feed them.

Even if you don’t need the money, working from home could be what you need to fill in the time and avoid boredom.
What do you do amorcam79? And how did you find it?

I have been home with my kids for 5 years and only recently found my dream job twice a week school hours/school term.

If you can afford it stay home and enjoy watching the kids grow. I picked up a dictationist role and worked from home a little but my favorite was a mystery shopper role where every month I visited a selected club and rated then. I brought the kids with me, got a free meal, free membership to the club and the kids had a ball.

Going to parks with a takeaway coffee, playgroup, paint and play, library storytime, bike rides, catch up with friends/family are all great to do in the warmer months. In winter I go for the structured play, cook, playdough, drawing, painting, flash cards, reading.
We go to playgroup, mainly music, catch up with friends...every week I look back on the week and wonder what I've done but feel its just vanished!
I do a lot of that, cleaning and cleaning, i have been cleaning when they go to bed lately and taking them to the park it helps with less mess in the house and gets them tired quicker.
We just get out and about as much as we can. We do lots of walking as i love walking and we try to meet as many mummies as we can. We went to a playgroup but that was not for us. Hoping to try another playgroup next week and will be doing mainly music as well.

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