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how full is your LO wardrobe ? Lock Rss

Am I the only crazy mother whos ds has 30 jumpers and 20 pairs of pants ?!
I could not do washing for almost a month and he would still have clothes to wear !
Im thinking it's time to do a cull or is this normal lol

We're not quite that bad, especially ds1 but ds2 has heaps of clothes! Mainly because he has ds1 clothes as well, he had something like 30 t shirts, got rid of about 10 I think

Ive only got one of my own, step daughter is almost 13 so her old stuff has all gone..... I have heaps of clothes but in my case everyone bought us stuff cause they were so excited I finally got to be a mum at my "advanced age" (41) lol. I have about 40 dresses ranging from 6 months to 18 months, it nuts trying to find a place to put them all

Yes I am very much a part of that club, my children have an obscene amount of clothes smile I do cull as needed but unfortunately it has the opposite effect- it frees up space which encourages me to fill it grin
We are the same here, my twins have way too many clothes! I could go quite a while before I actually needed to wash. Undies are the worst, they have so many! I always stock up in the sales as well for the next two sizes so their cupboards are always full and then I buy things when we are in the season.
Not me. I love looking for stuff for dd but there's not that much option here and everyone always seems to have minimal in her size. So enough for dd to have a change of clothes every day for a week without the laundry being done.
She's due a new crop of clothes now though so time to go hunting and spending.

I'm not too bad. Dd is actually growing out of some of her size 1 clothes now and I hardly have anything in a 2 yet! I just get clothes as I need.
As for shoes she literally grew out of size 3 shoes the other day, one day they fit, next day she kept tripping over and I realized she'd outgrown them. I desperately bought some shoes online which luckily got delivered next day from shoes and Sox. So now she has two pairs of shoes - sandals and mary-Jane's, that's it!! She needs some runners but I can't fathom spending anymore on shoes so she'll wear these with everything I think!!

I don't buy heaps of stuff for my DS. I get lots of hand me downs, and occasionally buy some end-of-season stuff in the next size up. We would have enough for over a week with out doing the washing, but I would never want to risk not doing the washing for a week in case he all of a sudden goes through a stage of getting really dirty by the end of...
Yeap, we definitely have too many clothes for ds. We were very lucky as i work for a popular baby store so i have received enough clothes to last ds until he is 5. I tried to do a cull but i just could not bear to do it. I figure we will have heaps more children so at least they will get used
Your not alone girl... I've had the same craze over my baby wardrobe... well its best to have plenty than to come short handed... aside from that you'll get a lot of colour and style to choose from... its not so bad. The only thing is that you need to have a larger case to fit this things otherwise its normal.
omg i had gotten way too many clothes and toys off my family members. they were really exited..she had about 200 singlets...didnt even wear half the stuff, most got given to other families kids but thats good. now I'm trying to keep it down to a minim.they don't need much as I've released lol
I have same problem... i moved from aus so had lots of friends + family there and in nz that gave me stuff for DS1 and i get so confused what fits and what doesnt he ends up not wearing some things
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