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ello ello ello Rss

Hey thought I sould drop in and say hi again
anything new I should be informed with eg pregnancies and births grin we are going ok very busy of late but you get that tongue
Hi ladies smile good to "see" you both! I'm just getting impatient (I know I shouldn't, what's the rush but I always get impatient towards the end lol) with three weeks to go woot woot!

I've been missing huggies but have just been buggered / busy and haven't been writing or even reading sometimes - Normally I'm always lurking but haven't even been doing that!

What's new unique??

Wow I go AWOL for awhile and your nearly dropping cant believe how time flies tongue nothing new to report on this end smile has been a bit of a roller coaster but it will all sort out in the wash soon wink

What!!!! Your not UTD RS and I would be highly disappointed in you if you had a babe in arms and I got no notification wink
What?! Tallulah!!! 3 weeks?! WOW!

Nice to see you unique! smile
*mummsy* wrote:
What?! Tallulah!!! 3 weeks?! WOW!

Nice to see you unique! smile
I know I was shocked too
nice to see you too
Hi Unique! no news here at all smile Nice to see you around here smile

Tallulah - wow your pregnancy has just flown, seriously smile All the best for the final few weeks

Ooh unique, hope the roller coaster isn't anything to worry about :-/ how are the kids?

Yes girls- hasn't it flown, even for me lol been getting niggles all week and making me think it's go time - hope my body doesn't tease me the whole three weeks laugh hope everyone's well - can't get over how quiet it is around here, guess we're just busy being good mamas lol xx

The kiddies are going great although my poor little lady had a mishap but she is still going strong and is full of beans smile my boy os going very well he is coming along with leaps and bounds since the beginning of the year he is turning into a right little lad
it is very quiet around these parts I havent looked in here the past month and when I dod I saw only 5 active pages and it wasnt the weekend
you might go into labour soon I had pains for weeks with my lady and she came which I wasnt expecting lol so you might be lucky
Raspberry Sundae wrote:
Tallulah did you manage to find an N or I name (were those the criteria, I can't remember if those were the letters now :-/ )

Three weeks of niggles would be annoying but not as annoying as 5 weeks of it wink

RS! That 5 week comment is just mean tongue I hadn't thought of that lol you have a good memory - it was n or I - Nate is still in the running as DH has come around to it smile but I think we are leaning towards Jett after all that lol it's so hard!

Hey unique! Good to see you round grin

Can't remember how long it was since you last popped in so sorry f I repeat something you already know tongue
DD had a really nasty rash and it turns out she can't handle dairy. So I'm going dairy free. I've been off it for nearly two months now. It sucks because everything has dairy in it and I can't even have something with a bit of dairy in it because her rash flares up again.

DS turned 4 last month and is very excited about it. He's already talking about turning 5 roll eyes
I also finally found out what's going on with him (RS might have mentioned that to you?) which was a huge relief.

Great to hear your little man is doing so well smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Yeah just the book tongue isnt amazing they talk up their age when they young then it starts them talking it down when they get older tongue

Glad you have figured the issue with dairy smile would be very hard to get things without dairy
I bought sultanas for my boys school and they returned them back to me then I read the packet and saw it was packed in the same place as nuts wereso they returned me so what you think is ok might turn out its not
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