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Steelcraft Agile or City Mini reviews? Lock Rss

Hiya Peoples, I hate my pram and Bub hates it even more than I do so I am looking at getting one of these two maybe. Has anyone got one and what do you like/hate/wish to change about it?
I've read a few online reviews which were all mixed....
My main worry is how that style of wheels drive on dirt, gravel or unstable ground? I live on a cattle station so not exactly a paved footpath....

I have a 'Vee Bee Navigator', it is like a 3 wheeler but there are actually 2 wheels together at the front.

I think you need a mountain buggy! I have a mountain buggy swift and it is awesome on any terrain! I also own a baby jogger city mini to keep in the car like a stroller for trips to the shops and such and it is no where near as smooth and/or easy to handle as my mountain buggy. Have a look into it you won't be disappointed it is a fab pram, not too wide and a 3 wheeler so nice and streamlined, will be awesome on your cattle station smile Good luck!
I can't comment on the two you are considering but I also have a mountain buggy swift and loved it.

I am after a 4wheeler though

I have a swift too, love it. Very rarely walk on pave footpath as I like hiking and its great for that

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