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Tips for freezing bulk meat Lock Rss

Hit me with your freezing bulk meat tips.
First experience last night - bought bulk load of bargain breasts and thighs from mad butcher, thought it would be awesome to have them frozen individually so that I could just take one or any number of breasts or thighs from the bag as needed. I cleared a shelf in the freezer, laid out cling film and then spread on meat, then another layer of cling film and more meat etc, problem was chicken stuck to cling film, kind of worked and no have a bag of individually frozen pieces, but must be an easier way.......?

I always buy my meat in bulk. When I get home I sort and package in meal sizes. So mince I buy 2kg and then package it in 400g lots to get 5 meals. I buy a full rump and get it sliced and package it in bags enough for each meal. Again I dice some and package it in about 400g. I package it all in freezer bags. I visit the meat market about once every 6 weeks or so and get a variety of meat. I find it a lot easier than buying just a bit here and there. I don't go to the meat market again till we have eaten everything.

You can also easily label the freezer bags with a texta if needed.

If we have friends over for dinner I just get out an extra bag of whatever we are having.

I would buy the Homebrand small freezer bags. $2.50 for 120 bags. Put individual portions in each bag. Then put a whole bunch of the bags into a larger plastic bag to keep it all together in the freezer IYKWIM. That's how I'd do it if I wanted to freeze each piece individually.

What I usually do is put a meal's worth of meat in each bag eg 500g/6 drumsticks/5 thighs etc and use larger freezer bags.

I recently bought a vacuum sealer. I've diced some chicken breast up so it's all ready to go when I'm time poor. We only have a small freezer so can't keep too much. I'd love a separate upright freezer for the garage.

My slow cooker recently broke so I decided to buy another and also a invest in a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is awesome! It's a Breville electric one and you can also sear meat & sauté vegetables in it so you're only using the one pot. You can slow cook with it too but I haven't used that function yet. Once everything is prepped, meat is browned, I can set it to pressure cook and walk away. I don't have to stand over it watching & stirring.

separate into portion sizes you want (I do 500gm for 2 adults and a fussy 12yr old) put in frz bags, squeeze air out (or vacuum it out) then seal bag and freeze. Dont let air get to it (ie the cling film layers) or it will get freezer burn. Or lay out seperate in big bag to freeze, them once frozen re package it in a bag you can re seal and just use whats required

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