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Not a fan of the new dry touch layer nappies Lock Rss

I really like the soft and secure side shield nappies with the big stretchy waist and tabs however, the new dry touch layer nappies have a less stretchy waist and the tabs are different.

The new dry touch layer nappies actually look and feel smaller than the previous soft and secure side shield nappies. I was comparing the two and could certainly see and feel the difference.

I usually don't mind spending the $$$ on huggies nappies (although they are more expensive than most) because of the quality and the comfort factor however, I'm not a fan of the latest dry touch layer nappy and hope that huggies bring back the big stretchy waist and tabs that they previously had.

Anyone else noticed the difference in the nappies (waistband and tabs)? What are your thoughts?

The new tabs and waist just look and feel very similar to the cheaper nappies on the market (baby love, comfy bots etc) which is why I've always chosen to spend the $$$ on huggies as they were always better but now not so sure :/

Hi There

Our Customer Service team would love to hear from you about this.

Our team of service staff are available to take your calls between the hours of 8AM – 4PM Australian EST, Monday to Friday.

For Australia call 1800 028 334
Calls to “1800” numbers from landlines are free. Calls from mobiles may be timed and charged at a higher rate.

If you would prefer to contact them via email, head to our Contact Us page and you will find a list of email addresses.

Hi Huggies Moderator, thankyou for your message. I have already filled out feed back form on huggies website regarding this, however I might also phone the customer service team.

I really do love Huggies Nappies and that's why I'm abit passionate on the subject to hopefully get the good old huggies nappy design back with big stretchy waist and big tabs as opposed to the new nappies they've brought out.
Great. Yes please do give them a call. The nappy designs continue to evolve and feedback from our customers really does help this process.

Warm regards,

i too, do not like the change. i loved the stretchy waist and as my baby is on the chubby side it now takes longer to do a nappy change as i cant get the nappy in the right place to do up. when it is on i am constantly pulling the nappy out of her bum as it doesnt sit right anymore. i have uses Huggies nappies for 7 years and have loved them. i have tried other brands and have always gone back to Huggies because they fit better. i will be changing again now and thankfully my child is nearly at the toilet training stage, so will not have to use nappies for much longer.

I too do not like the new drytouch layer nappies. I have been using Huggies nappies non stop for about 6 years with all my kids, but this new design is awful. The comfortable stretchy-ness is gone (makes them feel like home brand nappies) and even more annoying is the fact that these nappies leave bit of fluff all over my son each time I go to change his nappy. I did write in to Huggies and got a refund for the one box but I had more and just used them til I could no longer stand it and I am just buying Aldi nappies now. I wonder if all the sizes are affected by the new DryTouch layer or just the bigger ones? We had the Junior size.
Glad I'm not the only one who isn't happy with the change. My daughter wets through the new ones within a few hours and if I don't change it within those few hours her clothes are drenched.
I'm glad that others have had the same thoughts on the new nappy design. I really do hope that Huggies don't continue with the new dry touch layer nappies and bring back the big stretchy waist and tabs! smile

Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments in this thread. We'll try to address some of the concerns you have raised.

Firstly we would like to reassure you that the absorbent performance of our nappies has not changed. Leakage may be occurring for a few different reasons. So our Australian Consumer Service can assist you, please call 1800 028 334 between 8am and 4pm AEST, Monday to Friday. Alternatively you can email us here.

As you have noticed, we have changed our grip tabs. They have been changed to a much softer, non-stretchy material with improved grip and an adjusted shape, after feedback from parents that the grip tabs were occasionally causing red marking at the hips.

Finally, we would like to help you out with why the nappies might not be fitting your baby as well, so please do contact our Australian Consumer Line (details above) and they will be able to give you some individual advice.

Warm regards,
Huggies Moderator
Huggies thankyou for listening and bringing back the big stretchy waist tabs. I love your work! Very happy customer smile
Twisted_Elegance24 wrote:
Huggies thankyou for listening and bringing back the big stretchy waist tabs. I love your work! Very happy customer smile

Our pleasure smile
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