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My sisters keeper - ATTN Mummsy! Lock Rss

Tickled*pink wrote:
laugh I had to go through and read it again.

What are you reading atm? Im on Philippa Gregory's new book- it's okay.

I just finished Jodi Picoult's new book- it's really good. I picked the ending about three quarters of the way in- but I think that can be attributed to the fact ive read all her stuff so i'm used to the twists laugh

Oooooo TP!! I REALLY want to read her new book!!!!!!!! I've reserved it at our library but its not here yet sad I'm trying to use our library instead of buying, otherwise I'd have waaaaay too many books here!

Ah yes, I think I'm beginning to pick Jodi's twists too!!! haha!

I'm in-between books at the moment. I just finished reading 'The Slap' by Aussie author Christos Tsiolkas. Has anyone else read it? Miskel gave me the heads up on this one. I didn't really enjoy it, I ended up skim reading it...the characters..ugh! The concept really interested me, but it was just so...crass. I think misskel found it the same...

I have never read any of Philippa Gregory! What is she like?
RS I imagine that would be a hard read. If it's good, let me know please, i'm super intrigued.

mummsy, Philippa Gregory is amazing. She wrote "The Other Boleyn Girl". I have most of her novels- they're 75% Royal history- but told in a fictional setting so they're so easy to read and has taught me quite a lot, actually (as in- I've googled and had a further look into things she wrote fictionally). Since reading her books my obsession with Royal history has intensified.

But if you want to give her a try start with The Other Boleyn Girl. The series itself isn't in order from memory (its been a long time since I read it), but it still works.
Why hello RS!!! tongue

Thanks TP! I'm going to look into "The other Boleyn girl" at our library! I watched the movie, but am interested to read the book!

Has anyone else read Dawn Barker's book called 'Let her Go' about sugary?

Hey mummsy!

I finished reading ages ago! In fact, I've read two more books since then tongue

It was good! I enjoyed her writing style and think I might have to read some more of her books.
Having said that, I found it quite difficult to read. The parts talking about the treatment were awful (after having lost C to cancer this year). I actually considered stopping reading and coming back to it in a years time.
I really felt for Jesse and found the mother hard to like.
I did not expect that ending! Though when the father was called to the crash I did think it would be them in there.
All in all, a very good book smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

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