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Mother in law controlling wedding Lock Rss

Hi all just wondering how many of you have had to deal with in laws who are controlling your wedding? My MIL and SIL have helped alot with the wedding. It all started with the wedding cake. She offered to buy it for us to do something for her only son for his wedding day. I said no alot. then DF said she wont stop asking and told me he agreed to let her do it. Ever since then she has brought fiances ring, flower girls and page boy outfit, videographer, DF suit etc etc. All with the same excuse of how its her only son blah blah..

But when it comes to me having an opinion on things, it doesnt matter. The first cak eplace quoted us a set amount. then when we went in they wanted double the amount almost 1600. So we went somewhere else, and DF was a little upset that they couldnt put the bottom layer as continental, So instead of discussing it with me and him she decided to choose a different place then says i found what he likes ive pad the deposit etc. With DF ring he went ring shopping woth her for it. Then when he picked it up she took it from him and put it in her safe. Even though i told her i was really eager to see it, and DF had said he would show me.

Even my photographer wasnt good enough for her he did 50/50 payment and his work was absolutely exquisite. But she wanted a different photographer, so DF has enquired with this person, and we didnt give the money to the original now the time has passed, and the photographer MIL picked isnt returning phone calls, emails at all.

When organizing the finer ceremony details i was told i have no idea what im doing and im changing tradition blah blah blah. Like DS1 going with DF to church (page Boy), and DD1 and DD2 come with me (flower girls). The church organiser has advised me on alot of these things, yet im still being talked badly about, and i have to hear on how she has spent over 6000 on my wedding to her son, and if he is ever married again he will have to pay for it all himself.

My SIL, hates my bm dress, its a royal blue form fitting dress, she is a size 10 so no issue with weight. But at the time she liked it. Now all i hear is how she hates it and she would never have picked it. And a babysitter for my 3 kids was obviously needed but she went ahead when i was getting information from a company and decided to pay the administration fee, so i had no say on who is my baby sitter.. Im very frustrated by it all and am praying for it to be finished ASAP. I hate it all. I just wanted jeans and a shirt at the registry. But DF wanted a big wedding. Only a few days left and i literally feel i want to hang myself. DF just sees that im frustrated but thinks its all the stress from planning a wedding, when i tell him its because of particular things happening i get the 3rd degree about how much they've helped us. Im very grateful for all there help, i just wish i had the registry.

Please any helpful advice, or if you think im being "bridezilla" as they have all called me when i get ticked off at them just say it please. I really need a different perspective.
I definitely didn't have this problem (my MIL was no help at all) but i don't think you're being a bridezilla at all! It sounds unfair that they've taken all the decisions away from you, and they're treating you like you don't matter at all when actually your half the reason the wedding is even happening! Yes, they are paying but it sounds like your paying dearly as well with being treated so badly, so much un needed stress sad So, I don't have any advice (except to elope tongue ) but I just wanted to say you have every right to feel the way you do. All the very best, I hope your wedding ends up being really special for you and DF smile
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