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Baby Bean Bag Safety Rss

From what I understand, SIDS deaths are often unexplained. They set out recommendations to reduce death in kids, but a lot of times there is no apparent reason. So yes, there probably have been babies that passed unexpectedly while in bean bags (though they didn't state whether it was an adult size one or baby bean bag?), just as there have been deaths in cots and bassinets (also unexplained). If the evidence was strong enough, then baby bean bags would be banned. If you're keeping an eye on him/her then I can't see how there would be increased risks with using it smile
I am not using one with my baby and I refuse to. I had someone offer to buy me one and I turned them down.

I believe the reason why they increase the risk of SIDS is because the surface isn't firm, so there is the risk that the baby may suffocate itself.

A better explanation can be found here:

“The polystyrene beads that fill the bean bag can contour around a baby’s face, blocking the airways,” Mr Strachan said.

I have noticed in my years of childcare that SIDS will not endorse anything, and are quite old fashioned in their views. I have been using the chibebe brand of baby beanbags in my centre for many, many years now, as they are the only ones that seem to offer peace of mind with their high standards, and have not had a single issue with them. If anything, l would not be able to operate without them now that I have seen how great they are for helping me out with getting my children to sleep when they won't otherwise in their cot etc. I would highly recommend a chibebe one, and not too sure about the others, but have seen one of my mums get one for her bub after seeing them in my centre, and she got a cheaper version as she was broke, and the zipper was really bad and plastic-y, and was not as easy to use, and the fabric used was ugh! It also had a suede/velvet type top on it which made her baby sweat, so l lent her one of my chibebe ones to test, and she loved it so much she bought one for home, and one for grandmas home for her weekend visits. Don't get just any old one...the reason l didn't get a cheap one at the beginning was because l couldn't afford to risk the health and safety of the babies in my care, but also because i wanted to be covered by insurance if anything did happen (highly unlikely!). The cheaper ones might not be covered, as they probably don't test theirs for safety, and if they say they do, but they don't, or don't have proof of it, then their insurance would probably be void if it came to the crunch, and l couldn't afford this risk. I also simply didn't want to risk an unsafe product for my kids, full stop. I don't know about the calily ones, but they look like a bit of a discount version of the real thing to me. They're really cheap, so l doubt that they have undergone the same sort of vigorous testing that the more expensive ones have. I endorse chibebe, and l could be biased because they are true to their word, but that could just be me (and hundreds of others online....!
I agree with ellebelle-923. Sids are a little over-the-top with their recommendations, and we use a chibebe in our home, and couldn't live without it. For me, the reason baby beanbags were invented was because adult size beanbags are not safe. Sids are more than likely caught in a catch 22 as this new product has changed the game and they cant backtrack on past information they have given. This is a baby beanbag we're talking about, not a traditional beanabg, and having used it for my first child, and now my 2nd is using the same one, l am a fan.
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