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Getting desperate! Lock Rss

Hi people, I know I've asked this before but im getting really stressed out right now. I need some meal ideas that are really really cheap. I have $150 for all my groceries for a fortnight, there's 2 adults a 2 year old and a kitten... Both my partner and I have exhausted all resources in our town for assistance and are looking for work like crazy, there's just not enough in this area... Nutrition isn't my main priority, it's having enough to eat... What can you suggest?!
A really cheap meal we have is pasta and tomato sauce - pasta is pretty cheap, and then buy a couple of tins of tomatoes and make tomato sauce with onion and garlic, herbs & spices.
It's really tasty, I let mine simmer for an hour or so, so that it tastes quite rich. I make it in a big batch and freeze the sauce in meal portions.

Eggs are pretty cheap so I make quiche, impossible pie or just fried eggs with toast

Pancakes are a good cheap meal (we done times do these Sunday nights)

Tuna mornay - homebrnd tuna in a white sauce (made with butter, flour and milk) and done frozen peas/corn, served with rice

Mince and pasta is cheap and goes a long way. I use a 500g pack of mince and it easily goes 2 dinners for 4 people.
Potato top pie like Sheppards or cottage pie.
Homemade cheese burgers.

Sausages and mash. Sausages in bread, sausage and potato bake.

Scrambled eggs and toast is a good idea.

Homemade pizza is cheap and easy. Do ham and cheese or Hawaiian.

Breakfast: weetbix and seasonal fruit or porridge.

Snacks: fruit muffins, peanut butter cracker's, popcorn, jam toast, seasonal fruit.

Are you looking at other ways to cut living costs too?
you can add home made potato soup.
Try egg cury recipe+bread.

Good luck to you. Hope you can find job


There's nothing else we can do to cut costs... We don't use heater or air con ever, I wash twice a week now, we don't use oven unless I'm cooking several things at once, tv is on for one hr a day and we run a laptop on battery and charge overnight. Everything gets turned off at the wall,showers are 3 minutes... I can't do much else...
Thanks so much, some great suggestions on here. As far as accommodation goes. The place we are in is the average rental price for our area, Our entire area. Is living much the same right now. It's really hard for anyone to make ends meet and the charity organisations are under much strain. Because we got our kitten as a favour we have someone who is paying all the vet and flea expenses for 6 months, plus $10 a week for food...just have to pay for any food we want to get outside the $10 weekly amount. Today I paid 25 for a fortnight worth of food and care, so it only really cost me $5.

It's really stressful trying to find enough food for us to have but you gotta do what u gotta do I guess, I have had a couple of calls/ Replys from jobs I've applied for wanting trials or more info so fingers crossed.

Also we live near family but between either financial issues or health issues we often can't eat at their place, in fact on the rare occasion we have a little extra money or I manage to make a huge amount of spaghetti for example, we invite them over to help pull the strain off them, we are all in the same boat...
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If you have family or friends in the same boat financially, maybe you could put money together and cooperatively buy some things in bulk to save money, then divide them amongst you : such as loo paper, big bags of rice, big bags of lentils etc, onions and spuds by the sackful when they are cheap, big packs of meat which can be repackaged and frozen. This is something we sometimes do in our family.
You can also get together with other like-minded people and have a big communal cookup with ingredients you have bought together, make a bulk load of soup, pasta sauce, curry or whatever, share it between you, pack it up and freeze it.
Another cheap food source is chicken frames. My local grocery sells them in kilo packs for making stock for about $2.50, but they actually have heaps of meat on the bones. Boil them up to make stock. Then cool the bones and pick off all the meat and you'll be amazed at how much there is. Use it for sandwiches, in a stew with veggies, in white sauce with peas and corn, or just chuck it back in with the stock with some pasta for fantastic home made chicken noodle soup! All for about $2.50
My parents also visit a nearby egg farm from time to time and buy the "seconds" eggs very cheaply - they are fresh, just weird sizes or the shell looks funny but the inside is fine. It's worth finding out what food producers are in your area and whether they do any "farm gate" sales which could be very cheap (like our local egg farm).
The best advice I can give you is grab all the local catalogues and base your meals around the specials. I'm not sure how many local supermarkets you have but even if you have to have the same thing three nights this week you've just gotta do what you've gotta do. Try your local f/v shops and butchers aswell.

Some of the ones around here are great. Our butcher always has chicken wings for $1 something a kilo, usually $1.39. I cut them into three, discard the tip(you could give this to the cat) trim pretty much all the skin off the other two thirds, leaving just enough to hold them together and just add a simple soy, garlic plus whatever I have homemade marinade and stick them in the oven. You could serve with a basic homemade pasta salad plus a tossed salad. You could even do extra if like me, you could find really cheap wings and have them cold the next day. You could do hotdogs for something different! Coles have 6pk rolls for $2.10 ( I think they are now) and loose frankfurts from the deli don't cost much or once again check your local butcher.
Home brand bread is really cheap so maybe serve small meals if you have to and if people are still hungry they can fill up on a sandwich. Baked beans/spaghetti on toast. One can can spread a fair way if you need it to. Grilled cheese and tomato on toast or toasted sandwich. (Sorry I haven't been around much so I don't know what others have suggested in the past.)

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