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Anyone have news on T? Lock Rss

I know she sometimes comes on to update us. I hope things are going well for her and baby arrived safely.
The last time i saw her post she was a week out from her due date.
Raspberry Sundae wrote:
Yes I had an email from her and she reported that things are going well. Not sure if she ever checks in so I will spill the details wink

Eden Natash, 7lb10 (3.455) born on Jan 9th.

She looks just like Isaiah and Grade - she is beautiful smile

Thanks for the update RS. Pleased to hear that all is going well.

If your reading T. Congrats!!!!!!!

I feel a bit special now lol thanks smile

Rs filled you in on the details things have been going well since she's a great baby she's growing real quick too
That's ok raspberry

If anyone is interested I can put up a pic
Oh yay congrats. Glad to hear she's being good. Of course a pic would be appreciated. Love the name Eden.
Congratulations T! smile

How are the other 2 finding their new sister? Gosh Grace looks super grown up! Nothing like a newborn to make a toddler look older! Eden is a beauty smile
They love her to bits the first thing they do every morning is give her a hug and kiss she's nearly 3w now and the novelty hasn't worn off
Thanks smile I think she's cute and Grace is very grown up she was 2 in December Isaiah starts school in 2w
How is she going with the sleeping and feeding department?
Feeding has been great no pain or anything anymore she went straight on and haven't had an issue sleep is pretty good too but I don't watch the clock so can't be specific haha
Well sounds like its all going really well! smile

How is Isaiah feeling about school? How come he starts later in the year? They don't do one intake in TAS?
School starts here on the 4th but kinder the following week I think he's kinda excited but he doesn't want to stay on his own so will be interesting
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