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I thought I'd start a "whats new" thread! Anyone pregnant? New babies? School aged kids now?

Me, DD had her first day of grade 1. She loves school so just skipped in. DS has his last year at home this year before kindy next year.

Thats all my news!
My kids go back to school tomorrow. All looking forward to going back.

DD going into year 4 and the twins year 1.

Sorry a very boring life. But will be nice to get back into routine.

You know what's new with me new baby Isaiah starting school and Grace is 2 lol
RS - I like the quiet life too smile All pretty predictable but very nice here.

Mel - I hope your kids have a great first day back tomorrow! DD went back today and I felt all teary. I didn't really expect to. But I think its she's getting so independent, and I love that about her...but its different!

T - Well I'd say 3 under 4 is a pretty busy life! How are you finding it?
So far so good she obviously takes up some time but finding it to be much of an effort yet lol

My sil had a baby 8 weeks ago and another sil is due in 2.5 weeks so lots of babies around here
Wow T! That is a busy family going on there! Lots of cousins to play with smile

This will be their third cousin and first girl they love the two they have Isaiah keeps asking when she's going to be born
News here we are doing tt as of Monday this week. Dd 2 1/4 or thereabouts and has been showing signs she's ready and really wanted to do it while it's still summer. Monday I washed 17 pairs of knickers at the end of the day!!! Yesterday only 6 pairs which is such an improvement, I'm really proud of how well she's doing. I think the incentive of getting a jellybean for every wee in the toilet works a treat for her lol, I'm quite partial to a bit of bribery wink Forgot we had an appointment this morning, not brave enough to go out without a nappy so hoping to avoid a meltdown before putting one on for the outing.
Nothing here really. DD is crawling, and DS has started another day of kindy, but you already knew that wink tongue

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Well I'm pregnant, not sure if I've really mentioned it on here before or not properly. Nearly 30 weeks along, due in April. DS very excited, wants the bub out now (tells me my tummy is big enough now, baby can come out!). Other than that, very boring & routine too.
Raspberry Sundae wrote:
Wow 30 weeks Woodenspoon! That seems to have flown by smile

Yeah, starting to fly in some ways now - especially for others when I didn't announce for ages.
DS started prep yesterday. He managed to lose his school hat by the end of morning tea yesterday, it's named but they've got to find it still. Then today started with "I don't want to go to school, I want to stay home with you" and ended with him clinging to me at drop off and the teacher having to physically detach him from me and hold him so I could leave. At which point the screaming started ... and I could still hear him as I drove out of the school car park. I know there's always at least one who does it but feel terrible that mine is the one who is doing it.

DD1 has started Year 2 and is excited to have fish in her classroom that they get to take turns looking after and feeding.

DD2 is finally having the peace and quiet she needs to start vocalising for herself. In the last week we've gone from no words to 3 and 4 word sentences and a whole lot of babble.

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