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Starting 3 Year old Kinder in 2016 for who turns 3 on 29/04/2016. Lock Rss

Hi All,

My daughters birth date is 29th April, 2013 and i'm debating whether to send her to 3yo Kinder next year.

We went to two pre schools today and they advised the age 3 DOB cutoff for attending next year is 30-April so she just makes it. She wouldn't be able to start 3yo kinder till after her birthday but i'm wondering if we are better off waiting till 2017 for her to attend 3yo kinder as maybe she'll be too young for next year etc.

The first kinder said she would be fine and that maybe she could do 2 years of 4yo kinder but the other kinder told us its better to wait till 2017.

Would appreciate any advice


To be honest, it sounds like each place may have been telling you what may work best for them and their ratios / roll / etc. How do YOU feel? Does your daughter crave socialization and enjoy being at kindy? I would take that as your guide. Good luck!
My daughter's birthday is 24th April 2013 so very close! I've decided to wait until 2017. Reason being I'm going to wait until she's 5 and half to start school so we have time. My dd is also a very slow talker so I don't think she'd fit in with the older kids just yet. My niece is the same age and talks in full sentences and had much better coordination then dd so she on the other hand would be ok. Point is that it's probably individual to your child's behaviour but don't push her if you have any doubt of her readiness.

My Daughter turned 3 on the 29 of Jan and started 3yo kinder on the 2nd of feb.

We waited until the last moment to register as we could have gone either way, but it became obvious that she needed the play/learning opportunity this year and that she would be very bored if we waiting until next year.

As Steph19 said it depends more on the child than anything else.
Most preschools will start accepting children at around age 2 ½.
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