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Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation as me as I'm not sure what to do and what my rights are.
I'm 31 weeks pregnant, I work full time in a busy department store, recently the two other girls from my department (beauty) have left leaving me to do the roll of 3 jobs plus help at other counters as we are short staffed, not only am I basicly being 4 people but I've had my hours increased to cover the girls that have left. Ive been given a note from my midwife to say I'm on light duties which my boss has basicly ignored, I'm exhausted and soar and have tried to talk to my boss in which he just completely ignored me and changed the conversation to how well I've stepped up since the other girls have left, Would really love some advise on what I should do and what my legal rights are.
Hi, what company is it?
It sounds really tough being 4 people that is just immature of your boss to put you under that pressure!
I am 30 weeks at the moment and going through a sort of similar issue. I work for a busy liquor store. I am on light duties which is just register work. I am meant to do 30 hours a week.. standing at the register all day! I am going to book an appointment with my dr tomorrow and see what they suggest I do, because the last 3-4 weeks i have had a day off unpaid because i am exhausted from standing there. I emailed my union and they did give me some helpful advice.
Firstly my question to you is are you with an union? If so ask them for help. If not I can suggest really trying to talk to your boss about it. If that boss is not listening, is there a hirer person you can seek help from to make him listen? You should be on light duties and they shouldn't be pressuring you to be in such a busy situation! Look after yourself. My union rep suggested that if my boss can't give me a position doing perhaps office duties which means I am off my feet and I can medically prove I need a better position then there is such thing here in Australia known as "no safe job leave" which means if there is no safe duties for you to complete at work they pay your full wage while you rest at home until it is time for your maternity leave to kick in. Good luck I hope I helped.
Hi Kirsty, i agree with Pisces in trying to talk to someone higher up if your immediate boss is not listening (perhaps try again). I have been involved in payroll and employee relations for a number of years in my various positions and haven't heard of a 'no safe job leave" for NZ as Pisces mentioned however that doesn't mean we don't have something similar. It sounds great!

If your not in a union, I would telephone the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment and speak to someone about Employment Relations, they are usually very helpful and its all anonymous.

Imagine if you were not pregnant and asked to be 4 people in your job, how much would you complain then? (if at all, i know not everyone is comfortable with confrontation)

Hope some of this helps, its sux to have this stress at this time in your pregnancies both of you ladies!
The above advice is all good. Another option is to let him know you aren't feeling great and really feel it's dangerous if you continue at this pace. If he ignores you call in sick. Get a note from your Dr for a few days off. Then he will take you seriously and he can't get mad if you take sick days on doctors advice. A friennd of mine was in a similar situation and her obstetrician was appalled so wrote her a medical certificate for 2 weeks off not long before she was due to go on Mat leave. He basically wrote in the medical certificate that due to stress and complications this can cause during birth he advises that *** needs two weeks of bed rest. Not all doctors would go that far but I think it was lovely of him to take her seriously and see that she wasn't coping.

Thanks ladies
I didn't want to come across like I was just having a big moan but covering the extra work is extremely hectic physically and emotionally. I go on maternity leave in 4weeks but at this rate I feel like I'm not going to have the energy in me to last that long I just wanted some info on my rights and if I can leave earlier than what I've requested via my maternity leave. My partner has also suggested trying to talk to my boss again which I'll do tomorrow and if nothing changes, going higher up as he has witnessed and is disgusted by pressure I'm under and the way some customers treat/talk to me because they are feed up having to wait for assisstance.

P.S pisces92 I would love to name and shame the company as this particular boss has bullied a number of girls out of the company for different reasons and has gotten away with it but it's in my contract that I won't tarnish their name blah blah blah via social media as it would be an instant dismissel.
Thanks for that advise steph19,

I'm calling my midwife first thing in the morning to see if she is able to write me a similar note if things don't change smile
My boss is young (26) never been around children let alone a pregnant women (which is no excuse for the way I feel I'm being treated) so I think he is pretty unaware of how fragile Our bodies are at these later stages, like he had me lifting stock and climbing up ladders and it took a note from my midwife for him to take me serious that it's not safe for me or the baby to be doing those particular duties.
Any luck yet with getting either a few days off or your boss to realise you can't keep going at that pace?? Hope it slows down for you.

Nope not yet steph19, kept getting brushed off, my partner even came into work today to talk to him in which my boss quite obviously held himself up with a customer talking, after 30 minutes my partner had to leave to go back to work. Try again tomorrow, if nothing then we are going higher up.
I couldn't even take 5 to sit on the makeup chair for a rest when it got quiet as every time I did he came rushing over and gave me jobs that "needed attending to straight away!!!" It's getting to the point where Im not enjoying this pregnancy because I'm too soar and tired and my son is missing out with the only time we have left with just us because I'm too exhausted to do anything too physical with him.
Kirsty i think you should try Stephs advice and call in sick (with documents) then there is nothing he can do negatively toward you and perhaps it will shake him up??? Maybe? Worth a try as your health and your familys well being is more important than any job.
Just a update on my situation, my partner came into work today and had a meeting with him, I think it's opened my bosses eyes a lot to my situation, he was very apologetic and is working on the roster to reduce my hours at work each day smile so wahoo that it's finally sorted but just a shame that it took so long and my partner coming into work for him to take me seriously and acknowledge the needs of a pregnant women.
Thats awesome news kirsty! Not long now so take it easy smile

Great news Kirsty, hope he follows through. Best wishes for your new arrival smile
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