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What do you do for Mothers / Fathers day? Lock Rss

I no it's a month off but the discussion has started in our house already.

Now with your own little ones, how do you celebrate Mothers / Fathers day? Do you still visit your parents or in-laws?

Why I am asking...
Both my parents and in-laws want us to spend the days with them, but they live 1 hr from each other and I hate having a day of travelling between them plus we live 1hr from in-laws and 2 hrs from my parents.

The last two years we have made sure we saw both but I am a little over it (by 'it' I mean my in-laws). We can stay with my parents so travelling to them isn't to bad and a weekend at the beach is kind of nice. My mum makes the day about us as well as them so it's still special and it's not like we are missing out.
In-laws on the other hand don't care that we are parents now and expect the whole day to be about them and what they want so I hate spend it with them. I want part of the day to be about me or I want to make the day special for DH. DH of course still feels like he has to see his parents but only because of the guilt they put on him (they do the same for birthdays).

This year I will be 36 wks pregnant so am not travelling further from town then we already are (40minutes from closest hospital). My parents totally agree and want to come to us for breakfast or lunch that day or the day before which is great. But in-laws think I am being silly and expect us to go to them telling us to be there from 9 till after lunch (they have lunch at 1 and won't budge from this time). They have even told DH that if I want to see my mum I will just have to do it the day before or go alone without my daughter on the day.

I usually have a rant about it (like this one) and then give in to what ever others want and just get upset about it after. Awhile ago DH told me I need to stop this and start thinking about myself. This is so difficult for me to do so making a decision on this is so hard.

When is it ok for us to start thinking of ourselves? I don't want to be selfish to my in-laws but shouldn't it be about us now as well? I feel as though they need to either try make it about us all now or go without seeing us. Plus why do we have to see them on the actual day, why not before or after?

Oh I wish we had it that easy!!! How nice it must be to be able to see them in the morning then spend the rest of the day at home. I am very jealous!!!

Don't even start me on Christmas! That's where my family add a whole lot of crazy on top of my crazy in-laws!! Dh told his family just over general conversation that we want to start saving up so when the kids are old enough to appreciate it we can take them overseas to have a white Christmas and they flipped it and ended up saying we have to give them enough notice to save so they can come to and don't miss out on seeing the kids. LOL I don't think so!!!

I think one year I am just going to go into hiding and avoid everyone for anything special!!!

Ah the ol' mothers/fathers day debacle grin

We usually see my parents on the Saturday or if the weekend of the fathers/mothers day is looking particularly busy I will go see my folks during the week for a visit with the kids. We usually do a card and a very small gift (scarf, photo, pay for a coffee out).

In laws like us to visit on the Sunday, and they like a gift smile We usually visit Sunday afternoon and the gift is the same for both sets of parents.

Like RS, our parents live close by us.

We used to visit both on the Sunday afternoon until I explained to my mum how it wasn't very enjoyable for any of us running from one to the other. My parents don't really care when we see them, just that we do.

One year DH parents were away on holidays interstate on mothers day. When they got back MIL made a big deal about how none of her kids rang her to say happy mothers day. DH said "Well your the one that went away".

My in laws seem to not really care its mothers day for me too, where my parents are quite aware its a family day for us too. It can be frustrating at times.
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