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whats the going rate for rhe tooth fairy at ur place? Lock Rss

My 6 year old has her first wiggly tooth, she's growing up.
I caved to peer pressure. My DD didn't lose her first tooth till she was 7 years old. She was the last one in her year at school to lose a tooth. So to her is was a big deal. The first she got $20 know way too much and she has only lost 3 more and she is 9 years old now. The others she got $5 each. When talking at school that seemed to be the going rate so I caved and did the same.

Good luck. How exciting. Like RS we have forgotten and said that she was too busy and had t remember the following night.

$2 seems like a good amount.
We are all waiting for it to fall out now.
Raspberry Sundae wrote:
I have been known to do it during the day so they find it when the check the tooth before they go to sleep for the night. I love it in winter when it is dark before they go to bed and I manage to swap it and they check after dinner (after I hint) and they can't believe that they didn't see her sneak in while they were AWAKE!!! grin

That's a good one. I will have to remember that one for when I forget.

$2 here too. DD1 was most disappointed one day when she woke up and discovered the tooth fairy hadn't been over night. She'd woken up at 5am though so when she got home from school there was $2 and a note from the tooth fairy that said something along the lines of "Sorry I didn't get to your tooth last night. There were a lot of little boys and girls who needed a visit last night and by the time I got to your place you were already awake so I hid to make sure you didn't see me and had a little nap. After you went to school I snuck into your room to swap your tooth for your money. The Tooth Fairy." ... Made her day smile

Our going rate is $2 usually as well. I ordered some stuff off a personalised kids stuff site and received some "tooth fairy reciepts" which are pretty cool and they get added to the tooth fairy's delivery grin
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