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Hi is anyone else out there a SAHM? sometimes it feels like I'm the only one who doesn't work at the moment.
Thanks for the reply! I have only been home for 2 years now but yes i feel like the minority. I do get lonely at times and wonder if I made the right decision as it can be very isolating.
I'm a SAHM! I have been for the last 6 years. I've done little bits and pieces here and there, and will return to work when our youngest starts school. I think I could be a SAHM forever some days, and other looks appealing grin
Me. I have been a SAHM for over 6 years. I haven't worked at all in that time.

I have been looking for work without luck for nearly 2 years.

Soon my youngest will be 5 and its really getting to me. Soon I will feel unemployed rather then a SAHM.

Do u go to playgroups or other toddler activities? A good way bto get out an about. Although I found it easier when my oldest went to kindy at age 3. Coz they started to socialize with friends.
Hi A&E, I'm sorry you aren't having any luck with finding work at the moment.
What field are you looking in?
Yes we go to a playgroup once a week and that helps at times.
Hello, I am basically a full time sahm. I work 7 hours a week but every other day is full of kindy pick up and drop off, 2x playgroups a week, kindigym 1x per week, play cafes, playgrounds, walks, coffees, picnics, swimming, beach, outings, catch up with friends and my parents, shopping, etc.
I love being a sahm smile

I completely run our household though. I do everything in regards to the childrens eating and sleeping routines. I'm the one who puts them to bed every night..I take my 4yr old to his sporting commitments. I do all of the cooking, cleaning, washing, making of lunches for kids and dh, gardening, paying bills, all kid appointments and a lot of stuff on the weekends just the kids and I as my dh works a lot.
So yes there are perks to being a sahm but it's also a lot of hard work and organizing and routines to be followed.

I wouldn't have it any other way though. I would hate missing out on bringing my kids up especially in the very young years.

I won't be going back to full time work ever.

We are ttc #3 now.
I want to be there for school pick ups and drop offs and go to excursions, sports days and be around in the afternoons to help with homework and have a good presence.
My youngest is 18mo and still breastfed too.
I've been a sahm since having my eldest 7.5yrs ago. At the moment I have no plans to return to work until my youngest is at school and even then I think it will only be part-time/supply work so that I can still have time to help at the school etc.

Beyond wrote:
Hi A&E, I'm sorry you aren't having any luck with finding work at the moment.
What field are you looking in?
Yes we go to a playgroup once a week and that helps at times.

Science. I worked for only a few years before babies. So science work is hard to get and they want someone in the know. Without admin or retail experience other work is just not happening.

If there are more activities out there try them. When the kids were younger i could fill most days with something. Two playgroups, music, library sessions, all which were $2 or free. Like I said I found it better when my daughter started to make friends coz playdates meant a cuppa with the mum. Or meeting at a playground for a chat while the kids played.
SAHM here, I am happy to be with my lo and no plan of working for now. wink


Thanks for the replies everyone smile I might try some other activities as suggested, a lot of the other mums at playgroup have already established friendships with each other from their mothers groups so it's hard at times as I didn't join one when my little one was born. thanks for the suggestions smile
Yeah that is hard. But hopefully the other mother's are friendly and you can make connections in time.

Perhaps you could ask one of them for 'advice' on what else is in your community for mums and babies. They might suggest you come along to something they do.
Thanks that's a good idea. Good luck with the job hunting A&E, something will come up. smile
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