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Huggies wipes smelling bad Rss

Hi there I brought a bag of 160 refill pack of wipes the normal ones with no fragrence today. I opened it up and straight away a strange damp moldy smell was comming from the packet. it says 14/03/2014 22:27 B so Im not sure if it was expire date or packed date but still it shouldnt have been sold.Countdown said wasnt there problem they just referred me on to the huggies Lady that said I had to send her a sample of wipes and she would send my money back. Has anyone else ever had a bad batch of wipes before?
Thanks for leaving your comments and I'm glad you have contacted our Customer Advisory Service as they are the best department to respond to your concerns.

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Yes I just opened the refill ones and they smelt like mould too unfortunately I can’t get the batch number because I took them straight to the bin. I didn’t want mouldy wipes near my baby.
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