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Hi ladies am after some experiences with recovery from this. I had emergency surgery 10 days ago to remove what was left after my tube burst. I had 3litres of blood in my belly, just after what everyone found recovery like. I was told the blood loss would take the longest to recover from. Anyone?

Sorry to hear that kumeroa! I had an ectopic pregnancy and had a tube removed. Luckily they got to mine before it ruptured. I had internal bleeding but not like what you've suffered. I was very sore for about a week or so. Also very tired so I took 2 weeks off work.

The doctors told me wait till after my next period then could try again for another baby straight away. So we did and I got pregnant on 2nd cycle after the surgery and all went well that time. Just had to have an early scan to check it wasn't ectopic again.

Thanks Pixie yeah we have been told to wait 3 months to heal properly before we try again. It is the tiredness that is horrible and feeling so weak. I appreciate your reply. Sorry you had to go though that too


So sorry to hear this. It will take time for you to recover. But if you are concerned you should contact your doctor. They would be the best one to give you advice.

I hope all goes well and you recover really soon.

It's been 9 months since my EP my body was left with only 1 litre of blood I was on deaths door luckily the surgeons rushed me to emergency surgery and blood transfusion they removed my whole left tube as it ruptured they told me recovery time was 3 months before I could try again recovery for me went well I was only in the hospital for 4 days as they said I was recovering quickly and healthy I was 6 weeks pregnant it went very well for me though I'm still TTC but my body is normal and healthy and they said I can still conceive with no problem just I'm at high risk of it happening again so if I do conceive is have to get early test and scans to make sure everything goes smoothly I'm sorry to hear this has happened as I know how painful and depressing it can get but as long as your doctor has said there's nothing major or anything at all to worry about things will go good for you some people can conceive straight away after it and some it takes time fx
Also I recovered from the blood loss before I was sent home so that was all fine with me
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