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Hi all,

I've come across a bit of a problem with my MIL and FIL. My 5 year old daughter went to stay with her MIL for a few days and has now come home preaching about Jesus and how he picks the good people to take with him to Heaven and then sends them back down to earth in a different body.

This has really confused my daughter and she's scared that if she's good, she is going to die and Jesus is going to then take her to another family.

We have approached MIL numerous times with asking politely to ease off on the religion for the time being as we believe she will learn the basics at school to be able to decide for herself (both hubby and I have come from Christian backgrounds) without having a single view pushed on her.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? My 5yo also recieves gifts every visit which are religion based which has confused her also, but we can manage that sort of thing... for now.

She was in tears this morning when I asked her to make her bed, and she said 'but that's being good and Jesus might take me'.

Thanks for any help!
Ohh don't our kids just make the cutest comments. Our little family is Christian so we have chosen to raise our kids this way so in that regards its probably a little different but I can say that my daughter has been in tears numerous times because she couldn't quite grasp the content of what was being said. Example... I don't love Jesus because I don't want to live in the sky because I'm scared of heights. Any religion/belief can be quite daunting for a child to understand and I would advise just to go with what they say and make them feel comfortable and safe, lets face it I highly doubt any God would want our precious children to be scared over things like that.

You could explain to your daughter that not everyone believes the same thing and that you believe she gets to stay with you for much much longer. Children that age find the concept of time quite difficult to understand.
I am atheist, my husband catholic, I dint do much with any of my kids, They have been baptised and i took them to church (with DH) maybe 1-2 a month. My 5 yr old goes to a catholic school, We taught her the basics, how to make the sign of the cross, how she can pray to god, and a few prayers. She also knows that jesus died for our sins etc, but she has a few issues with why people would do that to which my response people do things that are sometimes good or sometimes bad when they do not understand what they are being told or seeing.
However in regards to your inlaws/parents doing things or trying to force something upon a child who clearly is not ready for it or capable of telling them back off, is just wrong!! I dont mind my kids being gifted rosary beads or prayer cards etc but I will not have peoples specific views pushed on my children. My kids all know mummy does not believe, and they have told me i will go to hell. My response is, I will see when i get there.

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