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Gift ideas for a boy who loves dinosaurs!? Lock Rss

Hello there! Any ideas on a good present for a friend's son who is soon turning 4? He loves dinosaurs and I wanted to get him a nice present but trying to keep the spending within the $30 smile Any ideas anyone? Thank you!
Toys r us do a animal planet range and they have dinosaur range smile otherwise you can look at dinosaur train which is a preschool show
Thank you!! That's very helpful already smile smile I have two girls, so I am not a huge expert on boys toys smile
ABC stores sell little torches that have circular dinosaur films that you pop in and turn around to project different images onto a surface. TBH, the quality of the images isn't brilliant but despite this my son (almost 3) LOVES it. I'm quite sure that when he is approaching 4 that he will still be in love with this toy ... assuming we haven't lost the little films, that is.
Also, my nephews who are 4 and 5 still love anything Dinosaur Train (DT) related. I've seen DT books in Big W that teach different types of dinos and their time periods.
So many ideas!!! Glad I came in the right place for this question smile smile
Depending on how long before the party, something my son loves is the dinosaur egg fossils. Essentially it is an egg that you break open and 'excavate' to find a small plastic dinosaur toy inside (either skeleton or actual toy).

You can either make your own version by buying the toys and then making the "eggs" at home like the instructions here - if you have enough time to let the eggs dry or you might be able to order ones like these if you have enough time before his birthday for delivery. as a warning though, the bought ones can take a bit of effort to dig into and excavate, although we've only done them at shops in a crowd at school holiday events with limited materials for getting ino them, it may not be as difficult at home. the dinosaurs inside may also be all the same so you might prefer the homemade egg for variety etc. If you have the time to wait for delivery the mad about science website has a lot of other dinosaur themed items which aren't things that I would expect to be commonly available that you could consider too.

Oh wow Leisa, that's fantastic! Unfortunately the birthday is this coming Saturday, however I think I might buy the 'eggs' for my daughters, I think it's a brilliant idea smile Thanks for your suggestion! smile
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