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Organizing a Peppa Pig Party Rss

Hi everyone! I am planning to organize a peppa pig party for my son. I like to plan earl y, and the birthday is on 3rd of this September. I googled and foundprintouts from and some general tips on peppa pig party from

However I would like some more tips on organizing the party, especially the food and the decorations.
The page on Party Inspirations deals mainly with the peppa pig party supplies. I could not find any related food ideas, so here are some of my own tips-
Basically, you could do anything for food but do not forget to assign special names to each food items. For example, Oink Oink Peppa sandwiches. You could bake some biscuits that are shaped like a pig's face. Or you can find readymade peppa pig food and sweets, like M&S Percy Pig sweets. Just remember to follow the theme.

For peppa pig games (since there are no game ideas on the site you mentioned), my first obvious choice would be "Pin the tail on Peppa". You can also organize a treasure hunt. I hope this answer will help you with your party.
Remember to get a few Peppa Pig DVDs for the party. And for food ideas, how about mud pies and chocolate cakes?! laugh You can also get some Pig snouts for the children to wear, just for that extra fun. happy
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