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6 year gap with adhd sibling Lock Rss

HI All,

Im 5 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and Im just wondering how other parents coped with having a big gap with kids.

I have a son who is 6 and has ADHD and doesn cope with change well but has constantly been asking me for a brother or sister..

I thought I was done with kids, but obviously this has happened..

How do you manage your older kids with babies?
Congrats on your pregancy.

There is 5 1/2 years between my oldest son and my newborn (although with one in between) . He is the most doting big brother and although there has been a few hiccups, mostly at school he has adjusted well. I think at that age they can understAnd a lot of what's happening and you have plenty of time to prepare and involve him. Good luck xx

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