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Hey hey,

My names Nicki, I'm 23, I have a beautiful 6 month old baby girl, originally from the states but now living in Glenelg ... Since I'm a stay at home mum i find it hard to meet new friends for me and my bub.. would love to have mummy play dates etc.. I don't drive so would have to be in Glenelg. Hope to hear from all mummies smile
Hey Nicki,
I'm Shani, 24 and expecting my first son in Feb 2016 with my husband.
Also living in Adelaide, close to Glenelg area (-:
Let's chat!
Too bad you're all the way in South Aus, while I'm in VIC. Considering we're close in age (I'm 22 and my daughter is currently 5-6 months), However, I wouldn't mind having some online friends where I could discuss things I wouldn't usually be able to talk with others face to face. :3
My kids are all a bit older but I would be happy to meet up. My three are 5,3 and 1.
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