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Instagram Competition - WIN a Huggies Newborn Prize Pack! Rss

Simply regram this image on Instagram with the hashtag #HuggiesMumToBe and tell us what you are most looking forward to about being a mum smile emoticon

Entries close 17th Nov at 10am when we will comment on our favourite entry to win this prize pack including a Skip Hop Change Mat, Bubba Blue blanket and one month supply of Huggies Newborn Nappies and Wipes. Good luck!
Oh, I really like your instagram page. There are such cute babies in Haggies diapers. My babies are growing so fast that they won't need diapers soon, but I will remember this time with joy, and your cute instagram photos will always bring me back to this magical time. I wonder if there will be any tasks with prizes on your page this year? I'm interested, have you installed autolike to instagram posts? I see that your publications always have a lot of likes. But it seems to me that such high-quality diapers do not need additional advertising or cheating likes, and you get comments and likes of real Haggies fans.
I hope I'm right.
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