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Hi, I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I'm wondering how common it is that a twin can be missed on early ultrasound? I had an U/S done at 5+6 (dates confirmed also). Bub was quite difficult to see, managed to get heartbeat vaginally. This is 5th pregnancy, I have one 2.5yr boy, this year have lost 3 babies with a 5wk chemical loss the month prior to falling pregnant with this baby. Now 7+1.
I've been much sicker (all day) than the other 4, this is the first pregnancy my boobs have been sore all day every day-never had this before. My iron levels have been fine, yet I've had lots of dizzy spells and short of breath in this pregnancy (never had that in the others). My hpt was positive from 6dpo - very clear at 7dpo.
My hcg levels at 11dpo was 134 (PROG 76), 18dpo was 1950, & 25dpo is 26,900. Doubling time has remained at 43hrs even though I've read that after 6000 is reached doubling time should slow to around 72hrs or's still at 43hrs! My levels are over 3 times higher than my levels with my last monitored baby at that point.
My ultrasound at 5+6 showed my sac to be the size of 7+3, yet baby measured bang on dates I'd ovulated-so baby gestational age is correct! My grandmother is a fraternal twin. I've just had a strong feeling I'm having twins this time? I will be ecstatic with one healthy Bub or 2, but just wanting to know if anyone has Had an ultrasound not show a second baby early on??

#1 April 2013 - Boy born 39+5 -6pound10. #2 pos hpt! Due Oct 15 - Missed M/C (8+1) misoprostol supposittories to begin m/c. #3 pos hpt! Due Feb 16 - Missed M/C (9+1) D&C to begin m/c #4 pos hpt! Due July 16 - Chemical M/C (5) no intervention needed. (Doctors have done tests - losses remain unexplained!) #5 pos hpt! Due Aug 16 - hoping for a sticky Bub!

I have twins. One of mine was missed on an early scan. Worst pregnancy ever thankfully I was under an amazing doctor and they are almost 7 years old now.

Good luck.

It’s certainly not an impossible thing. In early scans, doctors doesn't really look for anything other than a heartbeat. I wish you have a healthy pregnancy ahead.
Yep can be missed. Are you having first trimester screening done? The sonographer shoukd be able to seeif there is two in there then.
you should have yur dizzy spells checked out though.

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