Has anyone experienced anxiety about staying home alone? How'd you deal with it?
We live rurally too far to go to town much more than fortnightly. We moved house just 15 mins down the road and since moving here in struggling big time with being home alone.
I struggled abit when we moved here but felt OK most of the time at the old house.
Here it's so quiet were not on a busy road anymore and at the old house we always had people coming and going but no one comes down this road.
I feel really alone and really missing my family and friends who live in the South Island.
We can't afford to be visiting them much and vice versa.
We can't get Internet here only on our phones so can't Skype much.
Just wondering if anyone has any tips on coping?
I'm really struggling with it.
I've been to see the doctor who has advised me to take magnesium and she's referred me to see a councillor but I'm waiting to hear if they'll take my case on.