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I am due on the 27th of September and i need to decide on a contraception. I'm tossing up between the pill, the bar(implant),the injection, or IUS. what's your opinion and experiences?

I have the implant. I am now onto my second one. I have found it to be great. I only get spotting every six weeks or so. It has been wonderful for me.

I was concerned when I was considering it but my doctor answered all my questions and said if I didn't like it she could take it our and everything goes back to normal and then try something else. Everyone's personal experience is different but I thought no harm giving it a go. My obs recommended it as well. As I said I have had my replaced once and due again next year. It's really a personal choice. But it is so much easier don't have to remember to take the pill each day and for travel it has been wonderful with time differences etc. I would not go back. A few of the mum at my kids school have it as well and they are the same as me. Love it. Get it in and not have to worry for three years.

Good luck with your decision.

I was on the injection and I couldn't fault it while I was on it. But once I stopped, I was nauseous and cramping for something like 5 weeks which was horrible. I've also been waiting for my cycle to return for 9 months now, so that's something to consider
I've stuck with the mini pill. It doesn't make me feel too up and down emotionally and no side effects. I decided I didnt want anything stronger and it works good for me. So much choice out there- good luck deciding.

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