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I didn't even realise they have shows in december and all the tickets that are left are middle and upper section so not really worth going when you have a 15 month old (will be 18 months in december)

I know there are some on ebay but they are supposedly cracking down on people for not selling them at face value so I am not game to buy them!

Oh well we will have to wait for another time

bye bye


melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months


I've got 3 ticket in the first section - we are going on the monday 20th. My daughter will be 20 months (boy time flys). My Friend has middle its not really far away. It will be great fun. I went to pooh bear show and had middle and my bubz saw everything well. i knows it a different centre. It still might be the same.


Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

I took bubs to the henry the oct show the other day and he screamed from beginning to end and then had nihgtmares all night sad

I think he prefers Hi 5 :oP

Hope you guys have fun.... smile

you won't have any trub buying them from ebay its the person selling them that would get into trub but they are apparently V expensive


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hey Steph,
Me and my best friends from Hoppers crossing went to henry the octopus at altona gate aswell we went last wednsday, i got in trouble for taking photo's, hehe

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

Hi Melly,

While it is not the same, the parents expo is having dorothy the dinosaur, I have a free entry ticket for an adult (value $12), if you would like to go?

Hello Sal

thank you so much that is so kind of you.

what is your email address so I can send you my details

thanks again your lovely



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi melly,

It is my pleasure.

Email address is

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