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Hi hun! I'm sorry to hear about your parents. It's very important to have support of family in such situation. But you have very good husband! I also underwent surrogacy. I've chosen Ukrainian clinic. Speaking about prices, we chose standard package. The clinic provided us with accommodation, food, taxi and smartphones to ease our communication in Ukraine. Also we had a manager, who translated for us and answered our questions. Oh and we were met in the airport by the representative of the clinic! We paid 39 900 euros for all services. Starting from meeting in the airport and finishing with fertilization and transfer of embryos. They have fixed price for package, we liked it. We didn't pay extra money. We think to go to Ukraine in autumn for our second child. But this time we'll choose VIP package.
You're welcome dear! We had surrogacy in biotexcom. I completely understand you! We also didn't have all sum to pay right away. The payment was divided into 5 rates. We paid 8000 euros during the first visit. Then we paid 7900 euros during our second visit. Third payment 8000 euros were paid on twelve weeks of the gestation of the surrogate mother. 8000 euros we paid after the birth of the child. And the last 5th payment 8000 euros we paid after receiving of the child’s birth certificate and passport for a child to leave the country. The clinic also has economy package for 29 900 euros and VIP package for 49 900 euros. My husband and I compared standard and VIP. You can also look for all services by yourself on their website and choose the package, which suits the most. It seemed to us VIP is more convenient. Needed blood tests are performed by the coming nurse domiciliary. We won't have to stay in lines and wait. Last time we were exhausted. There were a lot of people and we were waiting with hungry stomachs for a couple of hours(because you should eat nothing before blood tests). Also the clinic provides all stuff for new born baby. Last time we carried all things with us. And there were so many suitcases and bags, so it will be more comfortable to have it already in Ukraine. Also parents are provided with the 24/7 phone consultation of a leading English-speaking pediatrician. If needed the leading pediatrician visits the baby upon request. We were so nervous and we didn't know what to do. Our son was crying and we didn't want to hurt him and do something wrong. So this service is very important in such situation! Also there is such service in VIP package as babysitter from 9 AM till 6 PM. In standard package, babysitter comes for only 4 hours/day. We needed to do all arrangements with documents, payments, tickets and so on, so 4 hours was not enough for us. And also the clinic finds surrogate mother, who has already had a positive surrogacy experience. All these services made us to choose VIP package this time.
The clinic found SM for us in 2 months. We actually thought it will take longer. So it was real surprise! Clients cannot choose a surrogate mother. Her appearance is not important here. Only her health and ability to bear a child matter. That's why the doctor chooses SM. But don't worry, the clinic select SM very carefully. The clinic provided us with all info about SM and our son at least once per month. So we were completely informed! It is hard to be far away from your child and the clinic did everything for us to be sure that our child is safe. The clinic provided us with all details about our son's condition very often. Furthermore we were coming at ultrasound checks. As for our SM's place of living during the program, she lived with her family. All of surrogate mothers have their own kids and it would be cruel to take them away from their relatives. I think it is better for them to live in familiar environment. In such way they feel themselves comfortable and don't worry about their loved ones. The fewer their worries are, the better for our child.
I won't say it was easy. I've been thinking about my baby all the time. I was nervous very much! Stupid thoughts never left my mind. I was thinking what if something bad happened. I was worrying what if there was an accident and so on. Probably I felt myself mother for the first time at that period and when your child is far away, then of course you worry and afraid for his safety. Even considering the fact that he's not born yet. And you are right, nine months is nothing if to compare with the whole life with you precious baby! The pediatrician was visiting us every day until we went home. The doctor was not only good professional, but also very kind and communicative lady! She gave us a lot of helpful and useful advices for child care. Also she answered all our questions, what and how to do. We were newbies in parenting so we had a big bag full of questions! Our doctor patiently listened to all our concerns, calmed us down and gave detailed instructions! It's better to write down all questions. I was so nervous and excited! I became puzzled and everything fell out from my head! We were provided with accommodation and food supply during all our visits. We were also provided with assistance in the Ukrainian civil registry office to obtain the child’s birth certificate. And of course they helped us in getting a travel pass for our son. So there were no troubles and no questions in the airport! By the way, the clinic provided us with a taxi, which carried us in the airport. In a word, we are fully satisfied with all services and results)
You're welcome dear! I'm glad I could help. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask. I'm always ready to help. I wish you good luck and positive results! I'll wait for good news from you! I hope your dream will come true soon.
Hello I have been looking into surrogacy and donor egg in Ukraine. Deeramires I am very interested in your story.
My husband & I have had 10 IVF attempts & 1 Donor Egg IVF in Greece (all failed) between 2009 - 2011.
My mum was then diagnosed with terminal cancer and had to put our lives on hold while I helped look after her. She passed away 2 years ago and just starting to get my emotions into place.
I was diagnosed with endometriosis and NK Killer cell and been told I will never be able to produce quality eggs (my age) or carry a baby sad .
We are thinking of Biotexcom you seem to be very happy.
Is there any lady out there who has had a donor egg as well as surrogacy in Ukraine?

Your stories are really sad. Hpoulos1 I'm sorry for your loss. sad
Here is a surrogacy, they just opened a clinic in Ukraine:

I wish you strength and that you can become parents shortly.

We are married for 5 years but still childless. After many failures in TTC, I was diagnosed with an unexplained infertility issue. Since we had no other option, we switched to surrogacy. We’ve just started our journey a couple of weeks ago. We are from USA where surrogacy is really very expensive. It’s around $150,000 which is too much. And most importantly, there’s no guarantee that the procedure will be successful. Since we couldn’t afford that, we searched some overseas surrogacy programs. Finally, Ukraine seemed like a good variant for us.

This country is very popular nowadays in the field of reproductive medicine. Surrogacy is highly affordable in Ukraine. Also, the rate of success is pretty impressive. All these factors made us to choose this country. We found few clinics and chose BioTexCom after reading the reviews. Last week, we flew to Ukraine with a good hope. We had a long conversation with the senior doctor. They actually understood what we’re going through. The first payment has been made. Eggs and sperm have been taken out and sent to the lab to be fertilized. We’re quite happy and hopeful so far. smile
I am happy that you have made a wise decision. yes, that's absolutely true surrogacy in the USA is very expensive as compared to its prices in Ukraine. A friend of mine has just got back after her initial appointment, she opted for the economical package. she is very happy with the services provided by them, now she is waiting for the next call from the clinic for further procedure. I wish you good luck. keep posting your updates here.
Try Ukraine! Some of the clinics are offering best packages. They are also facilitating their customers. Which is best. We tried that personally. I has successful surrogacy. Now we has a daughter of 7 months. My family cannot pay a lot. This is the reason we tried Ukraine. But we are not disappointed with the services.
It is Canadian Medical Care. Here is the link if it can be helpful

Good luck! Dont lose hope!
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