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Boss announcing my pregnancy Rss

Hi ladies,

I just need some input and probably to rant a bit really. I have had a really hard year after going through ivf and having 2 miscarriages. I got pregnant again and but then I had several Hemorrhages which I had to tell my boss so I could get some time off. I made it really clear that I wanted nobody told as I have been classed high risk and I am only 9 weeks along. She guaranteed that she would not however today in my appraisal with my manager she blurted it out. I’m really furious. I haven’t even told my family and now she has told someone. I only have to give 3 months warning of pregnancy so it’s not a time issue. I spoke to my manager and she promised she wouldn’t tell anyone but I’m so frustrated when it is my business and news to tell. Anyone have any experience with anything similar or thoughts?
I havn't had this happen to me . but yes I would be soo super peeved!! especially ivf pregnancies and being high risk, what an extra emotional time for you being pregnant!!! all the best for your pregnancy!! rant and rave about it , that wasn't cool one bit!!
Thank-you! I really am so angry. My family would be so hurt knowing that these random people I don’t even know well know before them.
I'm sure they'll understand!!.. who does that anyway?, I just hope your pregnancy gets easier for you. my brother and sister in law went through ivf, it's not easy. but when you do share your news it'd be you telling them and no doubt they'll be happy for you.
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