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Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing great. I am infertile due to hysteria treatment. Now I am looking for a great advice. I and my partner are a little bit confused between surrogacy and adoption. Which is better? I want to hear it from you guys.
Hey! I hope you both are good. I really feel for you. This is a tough time to get through. However, it's good that you're exploring your options. Both surrogacy and adoption are great procedures to get a child through. Nothing beats natural conception, but it's holding your kid at the end of it what matters most. I think you should go for surrogacy if you feel that's better. I wouldn't want you guys to adopt only to feel dissatisfied later. The kid doesn't deserve that. Also, they're pretty similar cost-wise. I think you should look into different clinics and choose the one you like best and just get on with it. Good luck! Do keep us updated!
Hi, thank you for sharing such a motivational post. I hope it would help a lot of people. I know this is the toughest time of a personal life. Infertility is never easy for a woman. But I think there is no good in crying over what has already happened. I think you should go for what you are comfortable with. Infertility takes a lot out of a woman. There are many processes that are offered by such clinics. But remember that be aware of the clinics that are cheating you. If you want to go for any treatment then first do a research. You should know that which treatment is best and success. Only then it will work for you. I wish the best wishes to you. I am hopeful that you get what you want. I hope that everything will be fine.
Hey! How are you? I am sorry to hear about your infertility. This is really a curse. But you should not take tension. If you are asking about adoption or surrogacy. I would highly recommend you surrogacy. By this way you would have biological connection with your baby, which is the best thing. Go and find good clinics of surrogacy. Good luck!
Hey there, I hope you are doing well. I feel sorry about your infertility. I hope you get the power to overcome this. I am also feeling numb today. Life has played a bad game with me. I was pregnant when a bike hit me. I had a miscarriage. Now my body has cured all the wounds but what about the wound on my soul. Losing your baby is just like losing your soul part. I have come to know a clinic in Europe that counsels the best. I am thinking to get a therapy first and then to start any treatment. I need mental relief. The clinic has been ranked first of all. It will prove best for me. I need wishes. Let's hope for the best.
Hi, how are you? I hope you are fine and doing great. Welcome to this amazing forum honey. This is an amazing place. You will definitely love your time here. I felt really great about sharing my story here with ladies who had faced the similar situation like me so they understand everything. Well, dear, I am really sorry to know about your infertility. infertility is indeed the very hard phase of women life. It really breaks women into pieces. I think you should go for alternative methods now. Surrogacy is an amazing treatment for those who are not able to conceive naturally. It will surely work for you. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about a clinic in Europe. They are best in this regard. You should go there. Be positive, things will turn in your favor. My prayers are with you.
Hey there, I am with you. At this time you need to have your loved ones with you. Positivity is the greatest weapon. I hope you overcome all this. I am also facing infertility. Doctors have declared me infertile completely as my body has not that ability to conceive naturally. I am an anorexic woman. I don't feel eating full of appetite. Therefore, I am getting a weakness. My bones have come out of my skin. Doctors told me to try for some alternatives. There is a clinic in Europe. My sister had her surrogacy there. She recommended me that. But I researched it about first and find it best of all. It has many successful treatments. And it shares each success story on the internet. I have got great hope. I am thinking to move to Europe to start my surrogacy journey.
Hello Kelly! I hope that you are doing well. I came across your post and I stopped. This is because I found myself worth sharing the good news with you. The advice that you are seeking for is with me. I am sure that this will be a really good news for you. The clinic named Biotexcom, which is famous for having the best doctors is coming public. They will be hosting a public event. Moreover, they will also have a counseling session. In this session, you can share your issues with the doctors. they will definitely help you and guide you for the right thing.
Hey Kelly. Im doing good. I hope youre well too. I personally prefer surrogacy. I have experienced both. Adoption requires A LOT of paper work. You have to wait for MONTHS to get matched. Keep in mind that only very lucky people are accepted and are able to find their match. Surrogacy is very hassle free as compared to adoption. It provides you with the complete parenthood experience which in my opinion is highly necessary for raising good children.
Yes, you are right. It is the 21st century. I think you should think about the process that is frequently used. But I think that the success of the process if dependent on the clinic you choose. Infertility is hard to overcome. Sometimes it is treatable and sometimes a woman remains childless. It is not only in a woman but man also. I think the treatment you are talking about is best. In the only case if the clinic is specialized in doing this process. Well, I think that a person should be aware of the clinics that are cheating people. There is some post I have read about the people having experience of having treatment from the worst clinics. I think awareness is important. People should never g to such clinics. They should save them from such people. I hope it would help us out.
Hello! I trust you both are great. I truly feel for you. This is an extreme time to get past. In any case, it's great that you're investigating your alternatives. Both surrogacy and adoption are incredible strategies to get a kid through. Nothing beats natural conception, yet it's holding your child toward the finish of it what makes a difference most. I figure you ought to go for surrogacy on the off chance that you feel that is better. I wouldn't want you two to adopt just to feel disappointed later. The child shouldn't go through that. Additionally, they're really comparative cost-wise. I figure you should investigate distinctive centers and pick the one you like best and simply get on with it. Good fortunes! Do keep us refreshed!
Don't worry about anything. Surrogacy is a good procedure. It is a successful procedure. It is a hope for many women. You can have a baby of your own genes through surrogacy. You should also think about it. You will not face any difficulty in this procedure. And visit Europe for this process. Europe has the best clinic. They provide a healthy surrogate. The staff is very caring. They are best. I have also a child through surrogacy and I visit Europe for this process. I love her a lot. I and my husband are very happy.
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