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Can't see device (printer) on other interface Rss

I'm a bit new to this level of networking, but I'm trying to learn.
I have a printer on one interface that should be accessible from the other two.
My product is FortiWiFi 60D, version 5.6.12.
My configuration is as follows:
wan1 = connection between a small office and
a physical local Internet network = 10.10.79. X
wi fi 1 = the device is located here 10.10.80. X
wi fi 2 = 10.10.180. X
wi fi 3 = 10.10.81 .X (guest)
I can ping the printer from LAN, wi fi 1, and wi fi 2, but it doesn't show up in AirPrint as it used to (before installing FortiWifi 60D), which makes it difficult to connect to it and print Apple products.
In the Addresses section of the Policy and objects section, I defined it as follows:
"Canon Printer", subnet,, interface = "any", show in address list = enabled, static route configuration disabled.
I think to change the printer to a new one
I did not expect to see such a question here. It may be a confusing setting, perhaps a problem with the printer itself. Did you contact the service?
Maybe you are right about changing the printer to a new one.
Its IFTTT support is just the type of smart feature you need. It makes it pretty easy for you to synchronize the machine with a number of websites and get direct access. Having this option in hand, all you need to do is just a few clicks on the sites to get printouts and copies!

One of the key features that have impressed me the most is its cloud storage integration. With a few simple setups, the machine can get access to iCloud, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage to print directly from it. Try to download IFTTT support and you will solve the problem.
Hi, dear! Have you already solved your problem? If the printer is new - I would recommend you to bring it back to the service where you bought it and ask to check or replace it. If you already used that, the problem could be in cartridges. Maybe ink is out. I can recommend you this store to order new cartridges for a very good price - I always order there, too. Shipping is free.
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