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Is an anti-money laundering / KYC analyst a good career path? Watch Lock Rss

I currently work in government, but I have always been interested in financial services and banking. Anti-money laundering tasks like the ones below are essentially designed to learn about your customers and prevent money laundering. Is this a good career path, and will I be threatened / killed by people who don't want me to stop them from laundering money?
AML is a good career path, and an honest one. I think you will do good.
Sorry for bumping this. Have you decided to follow this career path Silver Arrow? Anti Money Laundering / KYC analyst is a good career path if you're passionate about it. It's hard to fight against money laundering because they're well prepared. You will have to dedicate a lot of time to that career path, but nothing you love doing is hard.
I was always scared about my transactions. That's why I use . It's a tool that automatically checks KYC and AML. I feel much safer after I check a used I work with.
This is something everyone should use because there are a lot of benefits to it.
As long as you have people who can help you!

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