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Hello are you looking for a surrogate mother? Lock Rss

Hello ! My name is Ms. Melvis, I am a 30 year old babysitter and mother of a 5 year old boy. I am an experienced surrogate mother who wants to help couples or parents who are having difficulties conceiving a baby or babies. In 2019, I was a successful surrogate for a French couple and not only that, I have a lot of experience in Surrogacy as my older sisters are some of the best surrogates in the US. I am currently available and willing to make your life very happy by sacrificing myself for your dream. Please contact me by email for more information: [email protected]
Hey, I am a visible parent. My sister, on the other hand, is simply getting ready for it. She has a little more difficulty. For example, she must conduct a hookup security id order to find a suitable man to live with, and they must locate a surrogate mother in order to become parents. Can you see how difficult it is?
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