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A sad story. Rss

I was talking to my neighbour today and she has just lost her newborn grandson.
He was born last Tuesday via c/s and was doing really well.
His mother was breastfeeding him and was in a bit of discomfort, so the midwife suggested that she lay down to feed him, and although she didn't particularly want to, she did and fell asleep.
Unfortunately she accidentally smothered her 2 day old son, but it wasn't discovered until 2 hours later, when a midwife eventually came to check on them!
He was put onto life support, but as there was no brain activity for 2 days, it was decided that it be turned off.

I just don't know how this could happen! It's not really anyone's fault, it was just one of those terrible accidents, but the pain the family must be feeling right now must be so terrible, I can't even begin to imagine!
Add to that the fact that the mother has had to make a police report, identify her son's tiny little body and organise a funeral. Just horrible!

I had to share this story, as horrible as it is, as it has been weighing on my shoulders and really bringing me down.

Our neighbour coos over Brooklyn all the time and it makes me feel guilty that my baby is completely fine, if that makes sense.

Sorry if this story upsets anyone, but as I said, I really needed to vent this, as it is constantly on my mind.
Thanks for listening.

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OMG that is completely terrible, what a horrific experience for the family. Imagine the guilt the mum must feel, she has to live with this for the rest of her life. I have read about that happening before, and I know that there are statistics proving that it happens quite a number of times a year, but when it's happened to someone you know, it would really shake you up. Don't know what to say except what a horrible thing to happen to anybody.

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That is soo sad. I really feel for the woman. I saw this on a TV show once years ago (some sort of CSI) and was shocked. When I had my baby the midwife also showed me how to feed baby while lying down. It was awkward but being so exhausted I did this a few times in the hospital and also at home. Although I didn't smother my baby while falling asleep, I did create bad sleeping habits for her cos at the time she would rely on me to feed her until she slept. I went to Tresillion to break this habit for my daughter and for myself.

I think midwives should try not to encourage this feeding technique no matter how easy it is to do cos it is too dangerous. Everytime I woke up and saw my baby lying next to me (still in a sucking position) I felt so angry at myself but also relieved that nothing went wrong. So now with my second baby I have never used that feeding technique again.

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