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Growing out of capsule at 3 months! Rss

OMG! Brooke just won't stop growing and I am worried that pretty soon she will be too big for the capsule!
She is a very long baby (66cm), and her head & feet are close to the edges of the capsule already!
If she continues to grow so fast, I don't know what I'll do, lol.
She's still way too small for a carseat, but don't want to have to have her legs resting on the parcel shelf either, lol.
Deary me, what will I do? smile

Mum to Hailey (5.6.00) & Brooklyn (14.2.06)

Hey newborns can go into a rearward facing carseat until they are heavy enough to turn around. They are pretty safe - although we used a capsule we got given one as a present and it was rear facing for a few months until bub could support his head (reccomended weight is 9kg i think - not sure of length??)

Safe and Sound make good ones i think, but if you already have a carseat - maybe costly?? I think ours was around $200..

Good luck!
I agree with Bianca that a rear facing car seat is the way to go. If you already have a car seat that isn't able to be rear facing, then rather than buying one maybe you could hire one from one of the baby equipment hire places.

Best wishes.

My little girl out grow her capsule at 3 months. It was the older style with the Velcro tummy harness and at 12 weeks she weighed 7.12kg and was 65cm long. We put her into a Safe n Sound convertible child seat, which had a padded liner insert. She did eventually stop growing quiet so fast at 12 months; it actually gave me a bit of a scare because I thought that she had stopped completely.
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