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Cleaning up stains from baby vomit! Lock Rss

Hi. My little Rachel has just grown out of her reflux (yippee!!!!). When she was 6 weeks old she projectile vomited on the cement just outside our front door. Being very exhausted (naturally) I just left it there and thought that I might clean it up once I felt up to it. However, a few weeks ago, I tried to clean it with boiling water, then detergent, boiling water and a scrubbing brush. It's still there, as obvious on the nose on my face. Has anyone got any suggestions to remove it, so that it doesn't greet anyone who comes to our front door?

Angela, NSW

Hi Anglea,

My only suggestion would be to use a high pressure hose, like a Karcer that people us to wash cars.

The remove all stains off concrete, I know that they can be hired from bunnings.

Hi Angela,

I have found the best thing for cleaning stains off cement is liquid chlorine. We found out by accident when I spilt some one day. Be careful not to leave it on for too long as then you'll have a lovely lighter patch. If this happens, you'll have to do the rest of the concrete to match but it's not hard to do.

When our puppy was younger, he was staying during the night in our garage with concrete floors. He would make terrible messes that I could not remove the stains from. I wet the concrete, poured a bit of chlorine on then scrubbed it with a broom and hosed it off. If the stain is really stubborn you might have to use a scrubbing brush.

Just a reminder though in case you have never used chlorine before ..... make sure you wear gloves and try not to get any directly on your skin. It can burn and get really itchy.
good luck
that could pose a problem with the water restictions as we are not allowed to use a hose to wah concrete etc in nsw

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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