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crap crap crap its DD 2nd birthday next week,and guess what i was doing a big clean finally put all the clothes away and left the blimin wardrobe open,DD comes out with two unwrapped pressies a monkey wrapped around her shoulders and a elmo that you can draw on and wash off in the bath,
do you know how hard it was to get them off her and then heartbeakingly tell her that they aren't hers and that they are Nicks (her friend)well with alot of screaming and bribery ,one hopes she has forgotten about them ,poor darlin,
I am so angry with my self ,stupid stupid stupid.
Has anybody else done something so so so brainless.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

I havent actually done the same thing - but one year I found my Mum & Dad's hiding spot for our chrissy pressies from santa....
I hope she "forgets" for the next week. I know she will still get a surprise on her birthday - at least you know she likes them lol! Good Luck....
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