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not so friendly neighbours. Rss

does anyone else relate to this.? about 10 yrs ago we built a new house as did all the neighbours. the closest neigbours were very nice & friendly, showing us thru the initial stages of their new home, & once completed had us in for a cuppa etc. they would talk to us over the fence etc. but several years later out of the blue they just suddenly stopped talking . one xmas i saw the lady out the front . i was delivering cards to neigbours. & called out & waved the card& motined for her to come over . she just turned head looked the other way & walked away. so i still placed it into the letterbox . the next day there was a card in ours it didnt even have our names on it just inside said dear neigbours, yes really dear hey? so that was the last time i bothred. i dont even acknowledge them if see them out the back as sick of getting no answer to my hello etc. our fences are just wire mesh so its not like you can hide from the neigbours but we planted large bushy plants near the fence. . this is just a whinge really its just annoying not knowing if we did something to offend or what on earth it was , so i just ignore them. the only contact is when their son kicks the soccer ball into our yard& i throw it back .at least he does say thank you. but iam tempted to keep it for my kids

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I can totally relate, we thought that it had to be us, as we have problems on both sides!, we just keep to ourselves as much as possible & smile & wave if we see them, I think that it best to just be polite and let them be espically when you have kids!

That's really strange that they suddenly stopped talking to you out of the blue. Why don't you ask them directly what is wrong? Even though time has passed I would probably approach them - I mean it is difficult when you have to live next door to eachother. I figure you have nothing to lose?


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I so know that feeling we talk to 2 of our neighbours & are really good friens with them but the rest of the street is the same as what you are explaining we were all quite friendly now noone bothers to wave.I could't careless anymore so we don't bother waving now either.Some people just have problems.

i know i should but in all honesty i can't be bothered

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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