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Circumcision - will you or will you not do it to your son??? Lock Rss

Was just wondering how many of you have circumised your son's and why you did it??? Was it for your beliefs or something else?
Interested to I have a son and never even thought about it


i only have a little girl smile lol

but if we have a son one day i wont ave it done
just a personal choice


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Im having a little girl so I dont have to worry about that yet...butin the future I may have a son and its a big issue for me. Personally I dont know if i could put my little baby through so much pain and if he is born with one why should it need to be removed? But then I've heard that its actually a good thing to get done because it prevents infection. Guess i would have to discuss it with my partner.

i had my ds done at 4wks no regrets.dh is done and we also have alot of friends that havnt had there sons done and they have got infections and had to b put into hospital they r also on waiting lists to b done.they r like 4 and5 yrs of age i couldnt imagine having to put my son through it at that age.
I had my son done at 4 weeks, My husband had it done, I think it is much cleanier due to the fact I work in child care and have seen many boys with infections because parents must not have been informed how to care for it. I havn't regreted my decision.

Sam Qld,

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