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i am having a bit of whinge. not sure if to call it a whinge but need to let it off my chest. today i had the worst day with my kids . it started well we took them bowling which was fun. the "baby" at almost 2 thrashed us! when it was rest time 3 yr old decided he wanted to try to sleep in in his brothres bed not his cot, this the same kid that panics when we leave the cot side down. & the experiment did not work, as expected he was out of bed within 35 mins , i usually have to wake him about 5pm so he was very tired but i dont know what the 4 yrs old problem was. he came in side crying as daddy had smacked him for pushing his baby brother over.
. then he was yelling at 3 yr old telling him to get away from him i was shocked to see him kick his brother down the stairs. about 5 steps from the hard tile floor! so i spent the best part of an hour crying & second guessing my decision to become a parent! not that i would change much . maybe the kicking of people down stairs. as dh hubby said we did not expect it to be a piece of cake ! the upside was that my 4 yr old saw me crying & gave me a big cuddle it doesnt really what happens we still love one another .

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Dear vkw, I hope your days are filled with sunshiney days including lots of cuddles & kisses that all us Mums deserve. Sorry to hear you had such a yuk day, hope it's been better since then.

super mum from SA (3 boys, 6.5, 3.5 & 9wks old)

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