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addicted to chocolate... Lock Rss

I have a confession to make here people....

I am addicted to chocolate!!! Now I'm not a junk food addict, I never get take aways, rarely eat chips and can't even remember the last time I ate lollies, but I do have a soft spot for chocolate. Every day I crave chocolate, some days I give in, others I manage to convice myself out of it and eat a carrot or something...I know it's not good for me, but it just tastes sooooo gooood!!!! I even get to like 10:00 at night and contemplate baking a chocolate cake just to fill that fix I need (not that I have ever done this). I just can't help it, anytime, any kind....Is anyone else out there completly addicted to chocolate too??

Sam and Hayley and bub

Yep, and they say it isn't really all that bad for you as it contains antioxidants. That's what I convince myself anyway and then don't feel as guilty!!!

My babies are all grown up sad

Chocolate is good for you! It makes you happy and sweet and smiley, and it's something to look forward to - no harm in a little treat!

My DD has a dairy intolerance and I'm breastfeeding, so haven't been able to have dairy since she was 3 weeks old, so my choccie intake has been seriously affected - but I have discovered Whittakers dark choc (do you have Whittakers in Aus?), it has no dairy and has heaps of cocoa so you can get your choc fix and sort out your craving with one or two squares - the Ghana variety has 72% cocoa, it's sooo strong and sooo good - it's a party in my mouth! And dark choc is good for you with antioxidants and not as much fat as milk choc.

There's a lot worse things to be addicted to than chocolate! The way I see it, as mums we need a little treat now and then - I eat a pretty healthy diet so I see no harm in having one or two squares of choc with my afternoon hot drink - it's my reward for getting Nina to have her afternoon sleep.

Give in to the craving, accept chocolate as a part of your life, we're all better people for it! wink

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