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"Practical, unexciting Mother's Day gifts" Lock Rss

HI Girls,

Just wondering if you all had a good Mother's Day and to see what you got from your man.

My husband the ever practical bloke, got me a book called "Spotless" The Ultimate guide to stain removel. Boy that was exciting....NOT

Well I was just wondering if my husband is one of a kind, or whether there are other Mum's dissapointed on Mother's Day.

Last year I got a new toaster and a kettle.....whatever happened to the suggestions of a day spa, a night out with the girls, or even new underwear.

Oh well, there is always next year, then I can look forward to that iron I need, but don't want!

fab mum of 4

I'm sorry my hubby isn't a practical man. Well, he can be but he knows better than that HAHA I got a silver family ball locket for Mothers Day. It holds four photos. And a card! Shock horror! LOL
I hope your bloke learns before next Mothers Day!

Renee 27 NZ, Abby DOB 12.5.04 Sophie DOB 9.9.06

keeshabelle you are not alone. while my DH is a darling and i got exactly what i wanted for mothers day, my SIL's partner really is a piece of work...
he gave her an ashtray that he wanted and a keychain that he stole off one of his mates.

charming hey???

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

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