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i was just wondering if anybody out there has moved house with a baby and been heavilly pregnant at the same time, and how they got around the diruption of routines.

kylie wa, 7mnth baby 20 wks pregnant

Hi we moved house about 3 weeks ago . I am 31wk preg have 21mth old boy 9yr old girl and 11yr old boy plus dog and one very big kid/hubby. We had to move in on Wed as hubby only had one day off work. Lucky his mate from work had day off to help because i couldnt lift . It was a busy day but got through it with take away food , lots of toys on hand for 21mth old and gave him a box with paper he loved it. It took me about two weeks to get organised but I,m there now. Set up a corner for your baby i found it helped me get though the day. Good Luck

KAREN - R 16/94 M 31/96 L 8/04 L 12/06

hi! i moved house about 2 weeks ago when i was about 36 weeks preg. the best thing was having heaps of help from my parents. we had to move in one day as well and my mum cooked dinner for us that night amd had everything cleaned for us as i couldnt do much!! while my dad helped my boyf with the major stuf. it was a big effort but we have gotten there in the end!! take it easy and relax! (easier said than done!) at 20 weeks you should be able to get away with packing some little things but already having a baby to care for is full time in itself. good luck!! smile
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