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Tattoo Lock Rss

I dont know if this is the right place to ask,
Its my 21st birthday tomorrow... and on the weekend when my partner gets back i want to get a tattoo... A Pink Butterfly...
I really want one, But i want to ask those who have one,
I am getting scared and excited, i am such a girl... lol smile

my advice, get some numbing cream from the chemist. or ask the tattoo parlour to apply some before the procedure. It's an anaesthetic cream that you won't feel a thing. I haven't got a tat, but would like one, a friend who has one told me to get the numbing cream. (although her dh is getting me some from where he works).
Hi, I got one on my shoulder because thats where the tatooist told me it its one of the places it hurt least. But choose tatoo wisely, I got one when I was 18. I went with friends and didn't really like any but because I didn't want to look like sook, I got one any way(a rose, how boring) But know I kinda regret it because for one I don't really like it also its in a place you can see. My wedding dress was strapless and didnt look as elegant because of it. I reckon my ear piercing hurt more but with the tattoo its just a hell of lot more needles going into your body so after a while its starts to hurt a bit more. But bearable. Good luck

Sam Qld,

i have a tattoo the width of my back on my lower back just where your pants sit (you know where i mean) and IT HURT MORE THAN CHILDBIRTH i have an indian chief's face with mountains behind him and i love it but would never get another one it took about 4 hours to do and he had to keep stopping because i was almost passing out so all i want to say is good luck when you get one if your as much as a big girl as me


Hi there !

I have 5 tattoos and they all hurt ! nothing too unbearable though. my first one was when i was 19 its a small black scorpion on my breast,loved it and still do. my second is a flower on my ankle i designed myself no special meaning or anything but it looks really cool. my third one is the chinese symbol for courage(was going through a tough time in life) so i wanted something with a bit of meaning. my fourth one is my husbands name on my ring finger loooove it ( but not a good place for one cause they tend to fade a lot faster) and finally i got my last one done about 2 years ago,its my husbands name in big black Gothic type letters across my lower back. i really love this one but dont get to see it very often ! LOL. i now want to go and get another one done,not sure yet where on my body but i want to get something with my kids names or intials.still thinking about the design.

One word of warning,many ppl that get their first tatoo are hooked and go and get another one,its addictive. i know that happened to me for sure.

Hope all goes well with your tat.

Roxana,Nsw,Mum of 4 boys

I was going to start a tattoo thread too!!

No it does not hurt at all. Like a little scratching, nothing at all, unless it is on a bone or a really sensitive bit of skin.

Good luck!!
[Edited on 16/04/2007]
i got a chinese symbol tattoo on my left shoulder blade meaning "to live life for today" which describes me very well. i am a sook and don't have a very good pain threshold but it didn't hurt i didn't think. it was more irritating than hurting. the best way i can describe it was some1 drawing/scratching on my skin with a pen that didn't work and they keep going over it. does that make sense? b4 he started doing the actual tattoo he said to me "i'm just gonna show you wat it feels like" and did it for a quick second then asked me if i was alright. i was expecting it to be alot worse than that.

i'm getting another one when my bubs born, i'm getting my bubs foot print with his/her name and date of birth underneath. i was gonna get a hand print but that will probably 2 hard to get a perfect print.

so i reckon go for it! get the numbing cream if you want but just make sure you are really sure you want the butterfly coz it may not hurt that much getting it put on but it hurts real bad if you wanna get it removed.

let us know wat you decide to do.

kobie tongue xoxo

Kobie tongue mummy to Shaye 16/6/06

Glad to see so many of you lovely ladies have tattoos! smile

I have 8, I started when I was 16 with my ankle, and almost passed out with the pain ... but afterwards I couldn't believe it had really been that painful, so I went back 2 weeks later for another one to make sure! tongue

I have them all over the place, some big and some small, all really colourful, some I drew myself. My right arm has one big one that started as a couple of little ones and got joined together in a big design (so that reduced my total number of tatts, which I thought would make my mum happy, but it didn't!). I'm 27 now and haven't had anything done since I was 21, but I'm currently mulling over something to commemorate Nina's arrival.

As far as pain goes, it varies a lot depending on where it is (bony places hurt the most, fleshy places bleed the most - shoulda seen my thigh!), and also the detail of the tatt - black outlines tended to hurt more for me as the needle works differently to colouring in. And the longer it takes the more sore your skin gets. But it's not that bad, I found it quite exhilirating - there's a good thing coming at the end of it after all - and it was never so painful that I couldn't keep talking to my tattooist (except for that first time). Nowhere near as bad as labour for me!

I agree with the other mums, do think carefully about the location - but I have to say that it really doesn't matter what other people think - judgemental people will find something in you not to like whether you have tatts or not. Some of mine from years ago are designs I wouldn't necessarily chose again if I started over, but they are a part of my history, part of my story, and I love them for that. I made a rule not to get tatts below my elbow, so I could always cover them for work (I was a professional with a degree and tattoos - I love messing with people's stereotypes!), and on my wedding day they made neat accessories for my red dress.

Also make sure you go to someone with a good reputation - they probably won't be the cheapest, but once you've got a shoddy tattoo, having saved a few bucks won't be much comfort. Mine are all so well done I get heaps of compliments - they're still so bright and clear after all these years that people mistake them for stick-ons sometimes!

Geez I've gone on and on! One final thing - I have a little monster on my tummy above my belly button, and while I was pregnant I watched him grow ... I watched the stretch marks creeping towards him ... I hoped he'd escape ... but he got stretched! Never mind though, now my monster (his name is Bob) is larger than before, with some wee silver lines through him - but I still love him! smile

Good luck! tongue

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