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Working Mums v Stay at home mums Lock Rss

I am not sure if this has been discussed yet...but here goes.

I was just wondering what all you mums think about the latest media reporst re childcare places. i.e that SAHM's should not be given childcare places that could be given to Working mums???

I am not sure if it is just the media sensationalising the issue but I am personally really disappointed. I do not think one person should be given preference over another!! I was watching the TODAY Show and they showed a cartoon of a working mum in a business suit dropping baby at daycare and a SAHM in a tennis outfit dropping baby at daycare. AH HELLO as if a SAHM is not entitled to a break!

I do not take my DD to daycare but still find this offensive! I have known a few women that take kids to daycare and then go straight to the Club...but this is a MINORITY. I just think this is another way to stick it up the SAHM's...


Am really p'd off about this!
Just to add, I have NOTHING against working mums!! I think we are all FABULOUS!!
I really don't mind that preference is given to working mums because I think most of them would love to trade places with me SAHM but probably can't due to financial obligations. With so few places available in some areas I guess that is why they do get preference. I do understand where your coming from though there is an assumption that SAHM's do nothing all day which is definitely not the case and they are entitled to have a break once in a while and it is offensive that this assumption even exists. I have a question though, those mums that work 5 days a week and have a child in care do they actually get a break? I mean when they come home from work they don't get to clock off they’re still mums and still have all the same responsibilities. Maybe it's just mothers in general that get the bum deal.

i'm glad you brought up this topic as me and hubby were having an argument about it last night.

I too am a SAHM (on maternity leave from work anyway) and i also have nothing against someone who goes back to work stright away either.

But i do not think that anyone should be given preference as to who gets the first spot. like someone else mentioned SAHM's also work 24/7 looking after children and doing everything around the house so why should we not be entitled to a day off.

My daughter is not in any form of daycare but this topic also really p'd me off it probabaly didn't help that my hubby was under the opinion that working mothers should get first preference giving the assumption that SAHM jus tsit on there bum all day and do nothing.

sorry about the long post but it feels good to get that off my chest.

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I can see both sides here, I agree that working mums should get a certain amount of preference Eg. My friend is a SAHM (to 4 kids) and originally had her kids in daycare 4 days week (I didn't agree with that),the daycare rang her one day and informed her that they were only able to offer her children 2 days a week now as the working mums were getting preference as their need was 'greater'. My friend went off the deep end, but I kind of think that this was fair, kind of a halfway point? She still gets a 'break' but the working mums can go back to work too! Myself I am both a SAHM and a working mum (yeah it sounds on) My DS has never been in daycare. I work part-time, but my son comes to work with me, I am a Nanny to a family with three children (have been with them for 6 years). I'm just lucky that I have a job and boss who are flexible enough that I can take him with me...and he has three (older) kids to play with!

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