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Hate to tell you..... Lock Rss


1 Beauty/skinny does not = happy

2 There is nothing wrong with second hand clothes and or second hand toys.

Work on self-esteem not vanity

One day at a time

Thats so true..
Self confidence and loving yourself is attractive
Unfortunatley i have to work on mine..

Ds 17/10/06

so very true!

can i ask wot made u post that topic?
well said sonja I know of someone who said she would never accept 2nd hand goods.

very shallow sad

second hand rocks smile


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Post deleted by administrator.
also on the beauty/skinny thing - ive always been really thin, even after having my son i am still a size 6-8. im not happy with what i am so i can agree with being skinny does not = being happy. but it does not help when people bigger then me hassel me because i dont eat, or i am annorexic!
it really peeves me when i see in magazines "real woman have curves" are us thin ones not real because we dont have curves? Dove had a similar slogan so my friend wrote to them and told them what she thought...
self-esteem is so important, how many of you watch dr.phil when all the georgeous women are on there complainnig about their lives. were all beautiful on the inside!!!!
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