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yes baby is now one and starting day care here to chat with all Lock Rss

i have made it this far with number 3 and now it time for litt;e one to go to day care love him so so much just here to chat with u all please chat back
Hi Magaical;
Well first of all i have to commend any of you for having three kids.I have only one and even with the most wonderful support of my partner it is still so exhausting,but like anything it definatly has its rewards.
It must be hard to think that they grow up so quick and obviously become a little more independant and dont need mom oh so much.
I really think the socialisation with other kids is so important for them.Its so wonderful to watch all there little personalities develop!
My new bub is only 15 days old so everything for him and i is a learning experience and so far so good its like being in love all over again its the most amazing time in life and even with all the hurdles i wouldnt give it up for the world and hey it beats working for someone else 50 hours a week so im really enjoying being a mum staying at home for now and getting to know my two boys one being my hubby love em both to death.
Hi Magaical,
How are you all first i would like to commend you for having three kids.
I only have one and that exhausting enough even with the support of my wonderful partner.
I think its fabulous your little one is starting day care its so good for them to socalise with other kids there own age its amazing to watch their personalities develop.
My new bub is only 15 days old and already has brought me enormous amounts of happiness not to mention exhaustion but it think its worth it and for now i think i love it heaps more than working for someone else 50 hours a week atleast i get to stay in my pjs and drink cups of tea whenever i want.
If i can just get through the next few weeks i think well be just fine.
Its all just one big learning experience.
arent they great children i have a 9yr old and a 4months old both girls and love them to bits wouldnt have it any other way. it was sweet reading that you had a 15 days old how wonderful and yeah i know what it is like being in your pj,s all day you think to yourself only if i could get to the shower ? it does get better .


Hi Megan,
Congratulations on the birth of your baby!!
My little girl is nearly 9 months old and when I look at her I know she was worth everything I went through. I can't imagine life without her.
Hi Magical,
Gosh 3 kids, my husband would love that, but I'm only willing to have two!! Mind you I'm not even considering the second one yet to his disgrace.
If anyone wants to email me you can on [email protected]

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi mums,

Great to see people chatting, and love to hear from happy parents. I just love it, won't mind it though when i do get a break (maybe in 10 years).

I can't wait till i can get no1 into preschool for two days. She is on a waiting list and was offered a position 6mths ago but i thought it was a little too early. Now i'm wondring if i made a mistake. She is just over 2 and in dire need of kids company!

No2 is 9wks old and as demanding as he should be! He smiles now so it makes everything so much better now! Can't wait to sleep longer than 4 hrs though!!!!!

love our babies
keep chatting

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hi and thank you all for the messages love them all i am from townsville up north of queensland hot place lolol any way baby is not well to today will chat soon agin byeeeeeeeee
never going back for more kids no no no way 3 is a lot and all the pain they cave me lolol and sleep what is that am let see is it were we close our eyes and then someboby taps us on the haed or sholders mummy and we say go back to bed lolol laughing here i hope u all are to great to here for u all keep going mothert hood is hard but fun to we get to live our child hood a again lolol night for now chat soon agin till then smile and keep happy
yes my baby boy is one now and he started day care on monday as well

Sarah,TAS,12mth old

Hi Magaical,

Congratulations on raising 3 childre, it is difficult at times to even deal with one of them. she is destined to remain an only child unless i go mad and fall pregnant again. It would be sad to put them in daycare. Do you have to go back to work? I worked in daycare, and will do family daycare when she is 2 so i never have to leave her. I feel so sorry for parents who need to use daycare for daytime childcare and can't be with them for that time. But it's even worse when you see 4 week old babies in full time care. Their poor mother must miss them so much while they're at work. All the best, if you wish to chat, my email address is [email protected] and i use messenger sometimes. otherwise just send an email!

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

I put my son in daycare when he was 2 & never regreted it 4 1 minute it was the best thing I could have done as he was interacting with kids his own age I didn't have to as I did not work at the time but it was good for him. After all we have to do the best 4 our children don't we? A lot of people make out childcare is a bad place that is absolute RUBBISH !
yes i totally agree with you i dont work either i just put my 1 year old in so he gets to play with children his own age if you want to talk more my email address is [email protected]

Sarah,TAS,12mth old

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